Compulsive Research

Compulsive Research


Target player draws three cards. Then that player discards two cards unless they discard a land card.

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Arena Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Gladiator Legal
Highlander Legal
Historic Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Pauper Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Unformat Legal
Vintage Legal
Casual Legal
Custom Legal
Quest Magic Legal

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Compulsive Research Discussion

multimedia on Your Local Aquarium

2 months ago

Hey, well done on a low budget, nice flavor of sea creatures.

Consider expanding on looting? Looting is draw and then discard.

A reason to play more looting is to have more instants or sorceries in your graveyard for Octavia. Another reason is Wonder which is a card you want to discard and when it's in your graveyard and you control an Island gives all your creatures flying especially Octavia. Pair the flying effect of Wonder with Stormtide Leviathan who's a big sea creature upgrade. He makes all nonflying creatures unable to attack, but Wonder gives all your creatures flying.

Whelming Wave will consistently wreck your opponents creatures and not bounce your creatures including Octavia. Sol Ring and Arcane Signet are staple budget mana rocks in Commander. Kefnet's Monument reduces the mana cost all of your blue creatures and each time you cast a blue creature you get to tap an opponent's creature who could be a blocker.

Sea-Dasher Octopus and Thought Sponge are some small sea creature upgrades. Deep-Sea Kraken is another budget big sea creature upgrade. It's ability to remove time counters from itself whenever any opponent cast a spell is good in multiplayer Commander.

Good luck with your deck.

Flooremoji on

5 months ago

obZen: As a sweaper Thunder is quite underwhelming, (it needs a very large ammount of mana to kill even 1 important creature) and it isn't needed to win you the game with drake combo. You can already draw your deck then bolt (or even Compulsive Research if you choose to add that) your opponents to death by putting them back on top of your library looping Mystic Sanctuary or two Archaeomancer effects.

If you don't really care about Drake Combo, might I suggest dropping it from your deck altogether? Without the redundant pieces it looses much of it's power, and the pieces by themselves aren't that amazing.

Flooremoji on

5 months ago

Hypothesizzle , Rolling Thunder , Grixis Panorama , Wayfarer's Bauble and Warped Landscape are all pretty bad.

I'd reccomend Fire Prophecy , Compulsive Research , Snow-Covered Island and Volatile Fjord in their place.

I also wouldn't be playing Desert in a deck with so many color requirements, it could probably be replaced with another snow land.

Most of your colorless rocks also don't seem that great with nothing to accelerate into, I'd probably cut at least Thought Vessel , Ur-Golem's Eye , and Sisay's Ring since you have so few cards that actually require 2 or more generic mana, and extra hand size is irrelevant most games. Mind Stone would be better, but I still don't know if it would be very good anyway.

You could use many more pieces to make your combo more consistent, including but not limited to: Displace , Izzet Chronarch , Mnemonic Wall , Scrivener , and Salvager of Secrets . Maybe not all of them though.

You are still missing some of the better cantrips, ( Gitaxian Probe , Brainstorm , etc.) so if you end up with more room I'd reccomend adding those.

Good luck with your boring deck! :P

Grind on Big Stompy Stampede Sneaky Snaek Serpentine Deck

5 months ago

Cool deck!!!
I would run Impulse over Compulsive Research .
Also Wood Elves and Solemn Simulacrum are good landfall triggers. As is one of my favorites Seedguide Ash .
And Flooded Grove is great!
Just some thoughts.

MtG-Crash on Tatyova [PAUPER EDH]

8 months ago


I have worked a lot on PDH Tatyova and Im glad to see another Tatyova enthusiast! :) Im the guy who has come to [PDH] Tatyova Combo, maybe youre interested :) Let me invite you to the PDH Discord server "PDH Home Base" where some of us really like to discuss some cPDH decklists in depth!

Id be glad to see more Tatyova enthusiasts there! :)

Btw, High Tide is way easier to find than Peregrine Drake, because Merchant Scroll, Dizzy Spell and Muddle the Mixture (through Merchant Scroll) can all find it. In my experience I combo with High Tide in like 90% of the cases, because I only use Peregrine Drake if I draw it of course. But High Tide I can always search for. And in the end I came to the conclusion that a Compulsive Research loop is my best win con, because it is the best card outside of the combo. A Stream of Thought just doesnt do anything for me outside of the combo, wheras Research draws me some cards.

Another thing I was super glad to find out about is Tidal Bore, because that card combos with Tatyova + Mystic Sanctuary + any of the landdroppers like Sakura-Tribe Scout. That card took away so much pressure from Ghostly Flicker so I finally could cut Displace, which I only ran because if Ghostly Flicker got exiled I had no chance to combo anymore.

Greetings, Crash =)

MtG-Crash on [PDH] Tatyova Combo

10 months ago

shardstar yeah, Snips500 basically said the most important things. So my first variation was Flicker / Displace combo only and had the Adventuring Gear to kill. But the Gear has 2 main disadvantages:

1) Its a dead card outside of the combo. So when you draw it while searching for combo pieces or a counterspell, its a big feelsbad moment as it doesnt do anything.

2) It requires you to have a creature on the battlefield already able to attack, so you had to play a creature last turn and it had to survive all the opponents turns. But the deck doesnt really have creatures, just a few, and on top of that the deck usually just wins on the spot. It makes like one big set up turn to find stuff, then untaps at like turn6 with absolutely nothing on the board (except for lands ofc^^) and just goes High Tide, Tatyova, Sanctuary, counterspell, counterspell, Flicker, win all in one turn.

So the Gear was definitely a very bad wincon, so I switched to Compulsive Research. Its not a dead card outside of the combo because it draws me cards, it lets me win on the turn that I comboed off, I dont have to set it up a turn. Its just better.

But I still had to run Displace, because the entire deck had no way to combo if Ghostly Flicker gets somehow removed. And people are definitely ready for that. They activate Faerie Macabre or cast Cremate while the Ghostly Flicker is in my graveyard with a Mystic Sanctuary trigger targetting it. And if they manage to remove the Flicker, my entire deck has no way to make infinite mana/draws anymore. So I had to run Displace as a worse alternative.

But then I found out about Tidal Bore which brought another combo line to the table, took a lot of pressure away from Ghostly Flicker and made my landdroppers like Sakura-Tribe Scout combo pieces. That basically allowed me to get rid of Displace. I added Whispers of the Muse in that iteration as the Tidal Bore combo only makes infinite mana (and infinite life) but doesnt draw infinite cards. The Ghostly Flicker combo never had that problem because after generating infinite mana you could always Flicker Sanctuary+Island to draw an extra card. But the Tidal Bore combo doesnt have that implemented. So Whispers of the Muse became really handy. As a side note: I onced Tidal Bore comboed and had infinite mana but no card to draw my library. But I had a Scrivener in play and a Blink of an Eye in hand. So I kicker-blinked my Scrivener, drew a card, recast Scrivener to get back Blink and repeated that to draw my library.

Thats basically the main engines and the correct way of actually winning is to draw your library until you find everything you need (and not more^^ People might make you draw a card on instant speed), bounce all their permanents (inlcuding lands) with either Capsize or Boomerang loop (Ghostly Flicker on Archaeomancer + Sanctuary gives you back Boomerang) and then make them draw their whole libraries with the Compulsive Research loop and enough of counterspells in hand because they might float all their mana and fight together over your Compulsive Research while you made them draw so many cards.

And if they managed to exile the Compulsive Research beforehand, you can still just Capsize their entire boards, and hit them a few rounds with Tatyova and a few creatures for lethal (commander) damage. Thanks to commander damage that even works in the case where someone has managed to get infinite life at some point before. But thats just niche cases Im thinking about, that nobody should really think about.

Greetings, Crash

Snips500 on [PDH] Tatyova Combo

10 months ago

shardstar- I think I can answer that question for Crash. I have a version of Tatyova as well but with more of a control focus rather than pure combo. But both decks win in the same way. Pretty much the goal is to creat infinite mana in one of two ways. The infamous drake combo which you surly know and then the lesser know Tidal Bore combo. The Tidal Bore combo needs the following: Tatyova, Benthic Druid, Mystic Sanctuary, Walking Atlas(or any creature with the same effect) and ofc Tidal Bore. Once infinite mana has been generated you want to draw your deck. There are many different options to do this but the end goal is the same. Draw into another Archaeomancer like creature or Mystic Sanctuary assuming you don't already have two. Next up is Ghostly Flicker if you don't already have it. Compulsive Research is the actually win-con here. With Ghostly Flicker and 2x Archaeomancer and infinite mana you are able to make everyone draw their decks and win!

I am not crash and therefor can not tell you exactly why they took out Displace but I assume it was to make space for something else. And taking it out was possible due to there being a second combo with Tidal Bore.

Adventuring Gear, while a valid and more of a fair way of winning it would only kill one opponent per turn, giving the other 2 at the table plenty of time to find a way to deal with your combo or just kill you instead.

Sorry Crash if I stole your thunder :)

Snips500 on [PDH] Tatyova

11 months ago

Hi, I also have a competitive Tatyova list and I was just wondering how this deck wins. Sure you get the infinite combo but then do nothing with the infinite mana (the only thing you could do is Capsize everyone else's board but that is not winning). You are also missing probably the best land you could play: Mystic Sanctuary. In my opinion, you also do not need any of the mana dorks because you are already playing 38 lands and plenty and I mean PLENTY of land tutors you really don't need all of the dorks.

For the infinite combo pay off there are a few different ways you could go. The safest way is to mill all of your opponents by infinitely looping Compulsive Research or Deep Analysis which early also doubly as good cantrips.

Then there is the more casual friendly way by making and infinitely large Ivy Elemental or something similar then slap a Rancor or Aqueous Form on it and kill one player at a time. An alternative way of doing this is with Adventuring Gear on Tatyova (or any other creature) and then with infinite mana flicker, a land and an Archaeomancer to get infinite landfall triggers. Then with evasion, you can nock others out.

On last thing. Tidal Bore + Mystic Sanctuary + Sakura-Tribe Scout + Tatyova, Benthic Druid = Infinite blue mana + infinite life + infinite land fall triggers (as a side note you do need three other islands for mystic to work)

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