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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Archenemy Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Planechase Legal
Premodern Legal
Quest Magic Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Vanguard Legal
Vintage Legal


Creature — Human Cleric

Noncreature spells cost (1) more to play.

DreadKhan on Need help ruining a combo players day

9 months ago

Thorn of Amethyst, Glowrider, Sphere of Resistance, Vryn Wingmare, and Eidolon of Rhetoric all exist, but I'm guessing they didn't make the cut?

Retribution of the Meek might be a reasonable wipe with so many smaller creatures, ditto Elspeth, Sun's Champion. If a wipe is one sided it's not just resetting the board, not sure how many of these you're willing to run. Elspeth makes a small army, much better at blocking than the Samurai from Wanderer fwiw, but Wanderer is really strong too. Smothering Tithe is great with Stasis out, Brago, King Eternal might be fun too. If people are running obnoxious stuff, you could run Enlightened Tutor to find your Stasis/Tithe cards as needed, Muddle the Mixture can find both Stasis or Brave the Sands, while also being a counterspell. If you like Stasis, you could also try Static Orb, Meekstone, Crackdown or even Winter Orb/Rising Waters, not sure how hostile you want to be but Stasis is harsher than these. How often do you cast Approach of the Second Sun in here? I ask because there are a lot of tax effects, but if it's not trouble have you thought about running some tutors to find it? The best ones I can think of are Mystical Tutor, Personal Tutor, and Solve the Equation, they can also find other cards as needed, handy if you need removal, a wipe or a counter.

As for alternatives that can do similar things, you might look at either Zur the Enchanter or Hinata, Dawn-Crowned as alternatives that offer more offensive punch while still offering a solid route to shutting the table down. Zur can dig out enchantments like Rule of Law, Stasis (and Black Market Connections) and various ways to fairly quickly win the game, all while being able to hold up lots of mana for interaction, be it counters or removal. Hinata is another tax effect, but you get access to Red as well, and Red has some interesting additions to the Stax department, you'd definitely want Grand Arbiter in your Hinata deck, and you'd run most of the same cards, but you also have the option of running a bunch of cards that care about Hinata's discount, Hinata makes interaction better, especially if it has multiple targets, the annoying thing for both is that they're much harder to cast than Grand Arbiter, so you'd have to raise your budget to have the same consistency. The big problem with Zur is protecting him. If there are literally specific players you know are a problem you can run either Baral, Chief of Compliance or Talrand, Sky Summoner, Baral is better at playing 'Counter Everything' but Talrand can be just offensively good vs a specific player since he also is generating evasive bodies while interacting with that player's win attempts. The nice thing about he mono-Blue approach is you can just brutalize a player or two while letting the others play a smaller (but more normal) game.

Oh, if those players run specific colours (and nobody else likes them as much) there are old school colour hosers, cards like Karma can make life extremely hard. They exist for all colours, and they were so staggeringly unpopular that the developer stopped printing cards like it.

Profet93 on The Stax Man Cometh

10 months ago

So the idea of the deck is the tax and stax them. Given you already run thorn and sphere, are Vryn Wingmare and Glowrider required for redundancy? I understand the plan, but these only shine in early game and are horrendous late game. Would love to know how it's played for you, given only 14% of your deck are creatures. Moreover, Anvil of Bogardan + chains = Awesome. But doesn't anvil feed into opposing GY synergies? I that you can dump enchantment for replenish (or heloid) but providing each opponent will card selection and potential synergy seems to be a pit much for my tastes. Also, given all of your anti creature hate, Authority of the Consuls could be cut as the redundancy is not needed IMO.

A bit unconventional, but have you considered resource denial rather than taxing? Works kind of the opposite of above by having weak early game but good late game. Adding Crucible of Worlds back in ..... Crucible + Death Cloud = Fun times. You have a decent amount of artifact ramp to make this viable. Not to mention if you added Karn, the Great Creator, you could shut down opposing artifacts as well. Karn also goes well with contamination. Should you wish for further resource denail, Infernal Darkness is contamination's cousin. It allows you to get all the mana from coffers, doesn't require a creature (no bitterblossom needed), and can buy you a turn or 2 as you search for your wincons. smothering tithe needs to find it's way from your maybeboard to your deck, especially with puzzle box

I do like the scroll rack + land tax synergy, thats strong.

Venturub on Monowhite Control Clerics

1 year ago

Thanks for your comment and your suggestion. There are many cards I considered, such as Mirror Entity, Elite Spellbinder, Aether Vial (both for its ‘flash’ effect and as a work around for Chalice of the Void), Huatli, the Sun's Heart (for the combo Daru Spiritualist with Shaman en-Kor), maybe Glowrider, some Wasteland and/or Kor Haven

Bur instead of what?

plakjekaas on Isochron Scep+ Ruby Medallion

2 years ago

The converted mana cost of a card, or "mana value", as it is called on more modern cards, is an inherent characteristic of the card, and doesn't change with how much mana you're actually spending to cast it.

A Negate is a card with a converted mana cost of 2. No amount of Glowriders or Sapphire Medallions can change that. It changes how much mana you pay to cast the card, but not the converted mana cost, which will always be 2.

0rc on Dime-store Derevi (Competitive, Budget $100!!)

3 years ago

Pikobyte, Don’t worry—-you can’t offend me! I’m just a prickly personality :)

You’d be surprised how easy it is to disrupt the most “powerful” cEDH game plans. (Or maybe you wouldn’t be!) For instance, something as simple as Glowrider puts a stop to most cEDH combos. They only have so many Force of Wills, but we have and endless supply of these little sh@its :)

I know those cEDH folks think they’re playing a higher order game and so forth... yawns It’s really just about money and elitism.

I’ll tell you with some confidence that my $75 Talrand cEDH deck also crushes in 1v1 cEDH, like it’s not even funny. Trollin’ with Force Spike and a gaggle of bad, bad cards :)

It’s a bit weak to aggression in multiplayer though. Most cEDH tourneys are 1v1.

Buy the Derevi deck tho, seriously. It’s only $100. If you play it at a casual table you’ll feel like a jerk.

Much love and thanks for all your comments!

<3 0rc

CodeKain on God-Eternal hatebears

3 years ago

Really nice list, I love hatebears, heheh.

Unless you are particularly on a budget, I'd advise you to add some other bears, such as Alms Collector, Leonin Arbiter, Thalia, Guardian of Thraben, Spirit of the Labyrinth, Linvala, Keeper of Silence, and Glowrider.

Suppression Field (hits fetchlands too) and Aura of Silence may also be highly desirable.

For artifacts, you may consider also Damping Sphere to hose storm decks, and Pearl Medallion to reduce the cost of basically everything you play.

Some of them are quite pricey though, I know, but with time this deck will become a force to be reckoned with!

Oof_Magic on A Quest for Power: Unrestricting …

3 years ago


Leyline can be clunky in some decks but it has worked out quite well with my D&T and Enchantment prison decks. Getting a Lavinia, Azorius Renegade before the opponent starts the game is pretty strong. Game ending against many decks. Getting a Thalia, Guardian of Thraben, Glowrider, Vryn Wingmare, or Sanctum Prelate our before the game begins can beat a lot of decks.

Leyline has particularly excelled in my enchantment prison lists as blue actually has a couple of really solid hateful enchantments in Energy Field and Arcane Laboratory. So the enchantment deck gets the benefit of powerful hateful enchantments, the ability to steal the play (along with Serum Powder), and the counters with blue support to hold off the combo decks.

I know some of my card selections are weird. The first oddball I ran into was Molten Psyche. Tendrils of Agony is a potent storm finisher but also incredibly vulnerable to Leyline of Sanctity. So whether you’d play Psyche versus Tendrils really comes down to what the format calls for. Mind Funeral is definitely another oddball that is honestly bad but the format positions itself to make Mind Funeral stronger than it ought to be. Null Rod isn’t a particularly busted card but the Vintage format recontextualizes it to be more powerful than it ought to be. I don’t think a deck is obligated to play Power 9 just because they are legal. I think the shift in power by removing the Restricted list changes the format on a fundamental level.

I’m not saying that Unrestricted Vintage wouldn’t be busted. But could it be manageable? I feel like mentioning opening the Restricted List gets dismissed and there’s little discussion about what the actual format would look like.

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