The Ice Age on Dominaria has been going on for years, the inhabitants are surviving, but there are those who want to thrive. After being exiled from his homeland, and attacking it for that reason, he went deep into the frozen Tundra.

 While many believe Zur to be dead, those of us who follow him no better. Zur achieved immortality in his exile, and has returned to take revenge on those who exiled him. He will soon rule over the weak Dominarian people.

Zur has obtained the help of an unnamed Planeswalker, taking control of him to gather resources from other Plains. He has obtained Phyrexian Unlife and Solemnity, and has infused his enchantments on himself with Greater Auramancy to prevent the destruction of his immortality.

Zur has many ways to find what he needs to kill his enemies, some of these being a Vampiric Tutor, Demonic Tutor, so that he can get a spell from Alara, a spell that allows him to gather every option available to him in an instant: Ad Nauseam. With his Phyrexian Unlife this spell will not kill him, he then realizes how useful a Laboratory Maniac is, and then his enemies are defeated.


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