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Deck has no real win condition of its own (other than maybe swinging with uyo a bunch of times lol) so I mostly rely on taking my opponents stuff for the win (using Bribery, Dominate , Rite of Replication, or my personal favorite Eternal Dominion). Basically I just take enough extra turns to draw into the cards or tutor I need to find them and proceed to then copy a kicked Rite of Replication 3-4 times on your biggest dude (Primeval Titan is my personal favorite so far). There are artifacts for mana ramp and protecting Uyo. And a few awesome enchantments and creatures. Also Patron of the Moon, Terrain Generator and Walking Atlas to help with the whole bouncing lands thing...

Still needs some work. I am currently filling the maybe board with every single thing I can find that may even possibly be good in the deck. Any ideas on what cards in there would be more useful than cards already in the main list would be appreciated!

Also this deck is just a little pricey to buy in paper with one of the cards weighing in at $200 and another at $50 but on MTGO its only around $75 total (thank God for Masters Editions...). And to get it irl for under $150 just replace Capture of Jingzhou, Temporal Manipulation and Personal Tutor with cheaper options (see maybeboard for ideas).

All ideas and advice are appreciated!


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