I've always appreciated the simplicity of mono-white EDH decks, so I wanted to try my hand at the ultimate challenge for every EDH player: creating a decent mono-white EDH deck.


A quick rundown of the deck..

Inherently, there are a few obstacles that need to be overcome before constructing a successful mono-white deck.

For one, there's the card advantage problem, in this deck we have many ways to refill our hand and make sure everything is going swimmingly. See Mind's Eye , Staff of Nin , Tamiyo's Journal , etc.

Secondly, ramp is also nonexistent outside of artifacts and a few land tutors (such as Endless Horizons ) so I have made sure to include plenty of those. See Sol Ring , Caged Sun , etc.

Lastly, if we really wanted to make the best mono-white deck our commander should be some sort of cat (:p)

1. Understand your strengths.

If we look to the "custom categories" sorting of this deck, we can get a better understanding of why certain cards are included in the build. Besides the aforementioned ramp and draw, this deck is built around Bruna's recursion ability which is why most of our creatures are either Humans or Angels.

To make sure we do not rely too heavily on our commander, there is a fair amount of other recursion cards as well (some of which is even available to get with Bruna, the Fading Light such as Emeria Shepherd and Reya Dawnbringer )

Lastly, white contains some of the most efficient removal in all of Magic, so we want to make sure we can eliminate threats of all sorts with cards like Swords to Plowshares , Return to Dust and Magus of the Disk .

Weaknesses of mono-white decks stem from a lack of efficient card draw, inability to combo and a lack of finishers so we must rely on combat damage to win. White's tendency to rely on top-decking is fixed by spending mana on recursion abilities to recycle cards over and over again. Our inability to combo is fixed by artifacts and synergy between different cards in the deck, like Burnished Hart and Emeria Shepherd .

2. Utilize our strengths.

Now that we know our strengths, we must know how to prioritize threats. In my experience, white is a good "sandbag" color and because we have such a tendency to run low on cards, hold on to removal until it is absolutely necessary. Rely on creatures that can be used again and again but keep a few spells ready for when the big threats arrive.

From there, we can build a powerful board state and win through our control of the skies. From there we...

3. Release the Horror.

Half the reason I love this commander is her meld ability with Gisela (which can be grabbed with either Thalia's Lancers or Citanul Flute ) to create Brisela: One of the most amazing and terrifying pieces of art ever commissioned for a card. Otherwise, I've won quite a few games with just commander damage.


"Strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who would attempt to poison and destroy your new family. And they will know that you are the voice of the Lord when you lay your vengance upon thee, Brisela" - Emrakul 25:17

As always, suggestions, comments and +1's are always appreciated!

Thank you to everyone for making this the highest-rated Bruna, the Fading Light deck on TappedOut!


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