Hi everyone! This is my first EDH deck so any help would be much appreciated! Originally I had a Planeswalker sub-theme going on in here but I decided to cut them to focus on auras and enchantments. Now, I present to you: Aura-merica!

Note: My meta basically consists of my two best friends, one with a Sliver Deck with Sliver Overlord and the other with a Blue/White Dragonlord Ojutai deck. Plan your suggestion accordingly? I dunno.

Note #2: I decided not to go with the extra turn/extra combat round + rebound shenanigans, or the Enter the Infinite + Omniscience combo or anything else like that because I thought this was powerful enough, and completely dominating games like that isn't fun for anyone. I wanted a somewhat unique deck, and hexproof/aura seemed like a fun way to go.

Note #3: The side-board are the cards I own, the maybe-board are the cards I'm considering but don't have. Any help with these is appreciated.

So, without further adieu, let's break this down, shall we?

Lands: Won't go into much detail here, pretty much the exact same ratios of colors for the non-basic lands, a couple of utility lands, and then five plains, two mountains, and two islands. Haven't had any problems with it since the first game; after which I added in more plains and it's gone smoothly from there.

Mana ramp: 34 lands may look like too few, but the nature of Narset, Enlightened Master's triggered ability means that lands aren't what you want to draw all the time, especially when Narset's swinging. To compensate, I have a lot of artifact mana ramp. All three of the signets, three Keyunes(thinking about running all of the cluestones too), Sol Ring(obviously), as well as Jeskai Banner , Commander's Sphere, and Darksteel Ingot, and rounding it all off, Chromatic Lantern to fix all my mana problems.

Auras: With lands and ramp out of the way, we can get into the meat of the deck, Auras and equipment! Narset's hexproof and first strike abilities mean she's really hard to remove, so I'm not too worried about her and the auras being two-for-oned(or two-for-twentyed) by my opponent's spells. The many Auras giver her abilities like lifelink, double strike, the ability to buff herself, vigilance, and flying, among other things. Some auras give protection, like Indesructibility, or Gift of Immortality, or totem armor effects, like Eel Umbra and Felidar Umbra. Others give raw power, like Auramancer's Guise and Ethereal Armor. Sage's Reverie gives power and card draw. Aqueous Form, Steel of the Godhead, and Unquestioned Authority are in there to make sure Narset's punches get through. This deck runs three creatures, including Narset, so Entangler and Iona's Blessing are there for some much needed defense. The effects of Flickerform or Vanishing are invaluable in the case of an unexpected or emergency boardwipe. And of course, the heavy hitter; Eldrazi Conscription. Some of my favorite artwork and a fabulous game-ender.

Tutors: Open the Armory, Three Dreams, Long-Term Plans(great for right before you swing with Narset) and Sovereigns of Lost Alara(one of the two other creatures in the deck). The Sovereigns's ability is bonkers. Seriously. With something like Eldrazi Conscription in the deck, it gets out of control fast.

Recursion: Retether and Open the Vaults , the latter of which will almost always help me more than my opponents.

Flash Enablers: Sigarda's Aid and Leyline of Anticipation. Suuuuper handy for getting some Auras onto Narset mid-combat. For free with Narset, instant speed with these.

Haste Enablers: Finally fit in some more haste, now I have Hall of the Bandit Lord(which I don't really like) and Generator Servant (one of my favorite cards, easily worth the risk of it being a creature) and to go along with the heavy enchantment theme, Need for Speed , Hammerhand , and Fervor.

Control: While this is mainly an aggressive deck, there's room for some control too. Arrest , Suppression Bonds and Control Magic for enemy commanders, Nevermore for potential cards I don't like, Smoke for some go-wide creature control, and Sphere of Safety because I have a lot of enhancements, so it pretty much means I can't be attacked.

Removal: Swords to Plowshares and Radiant Purge(most of my main threats are multicoloered). Supplant Form for bouncing my friend's Sliver Overlord and getting a copy to steal his other Slivers. Really can't wait to drop that one on him...

Mass Removal: Used to have more, but I have one creature and I like to keep have her alive. Mass Calcify, Divine Reckoning , and winds of wrath . If there are any other boardwipes that would keep an un-enchanted Narset alive, let me now in the comments!

Other random but really helpful cards: Brainstorm and Index for some pre-attacking deck manipulation, and Strionic Resonator to copy Narset's or even sometimes Sovereigns of Lost Alara's abilities. And Mana Severance for clearing my deck of lands for a game winner. I also added Sigil of the Empty Throne and Myth Realized for some more token creatures, and Jeskai Ascendancy for some untaps, buffs, and card filtering.

On to win conditions yaaay!

Win condition #1: Smack face with Narset. Commander damage is the main wincon here. With all the Auras giving her evasion and double strike, and especially Eldrazi Conscription, this isn't usually too hard.

Um, that's it actually. The game plan is simple.

Optimal turn progression:

Play Leyline of Anticipation from opening hand

Turn 1: Mountain, Sol Ring, Azorius Signet

Turn 2: Island, Generator Servant , Boros Keyrune

Turn 3: Plains, sack the Generator Servant , play Narset, Enlightened Master, Aqueous Form, and Daybreak Coronet, and start swinging. Hit Eldrazi Conscription and Auramancer's Guise and you get a turn three win.

Any and all thoughts/advice are welcome, though keep in mind I'm trying not to break the bank here! I especially need help with my ever-growing maybeboard and what to swap out and such. Thanks in advance! Please Upvote if you like the deck!


Updates Add

Hi people! I've decided to cut the planeswalker sub-theme and go heavier into Auras and enchantments.

I've added some really good cards like Vanishing, Retether, Fervor, Need for Speed, Smoke, and Sigil of the Empty Throne, many of which were suggested to me beforehand. Thank you. I've also added some mana rocks, card filtering/drawing and deck manipulation, haste, and more control.

As for my Army of Planeswalkers, I'm going to upload another version of this deck that is more superfriends themed. Then I can swap out cards to play whatever kind of strategy I feel like at the time. Sort of a massive sideboard if you will. Be looking for that upload!

Thanks in advance for any comments and suggestions!

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