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6/18 Kinda budget commander as sidisi as the commander. Heavily focused on reanimation however other themes are there. Mana base is still TBD so the lands are less than ideal

9/18 Greatly improved since the last update so now it is actually pretty good with a less than ideal manabase but one that works without much delay. A plethora of ways to win.

Including: getting apocalypse demon out and go ham (assuming it doesn't die A funny one is Psychic spiral. there isn't usually someone who can react to this fast enough. and if they can thats why eternal witness is a thing Milling yourself out completely and just pull off some disgusting would shaper with a sac engine and recur a deadeye and combo it with whatever bullshit you want

Several ways to win turns into a fun deck but you are nearly completely screwed if they play a rest in piece or something like that and you r hoping for a slime/hostage taker/any other artifact removel


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