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Seriously, screaming helps... not at all.

Commander / EDH* Group Hug Group Slug Multiplayer U/B/R (Grixis)




Everybody, Panic!

Crazy Jinx is crazy

Heya !

Here's the goal, start off smooth, people think you're just playing a cute group hug deck (lol), you play Nekusar, the Mindrazer and people are "happy" to have an additional card each turn.

It slowly start to turn uglier as you shove some more cards in their hands with Fevered Visions and play an Underworld Dreams. You double all source damage with Furnace of Rath and suddenly, drawing cards isn't fun anymore, but that's ok because even if they get rid of those permanents, you have your secret weapons, like Banefire, or Cruel Ultimatum... doubled with Reverberate and Twincast.

Hope y'all enjoy this and as mentioned earlier, seriously, screaming helps... not at all.

Suggestions welcome, let's make this deck crazier!


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