Hidden Herbalists


Format Legality
Standard Legal
Modern Legal
Frontier Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Vintage Legal
Legacy Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Aether Revolt Uncommon

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Hidden Herbalists

Creature — Human Druid

Revolt — When Hidden Herbalists enters the battlefield, if a permanent you controlled left the battlefield this turn, add to your mana pool.

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Hidden Herbalists Discussion

sylvannos on The World Ends with Clues

2 weeks ago

@2gherkins: Holy shit I didn't even think of Urabrask the Hidden. Waaaay better than Craterhoof Behemoth.

Wall of Roots functions like half of a Burning-Tree Emissary. It's like a better Akki Rockspeaker. I've now removed Sakura-Tribe Elder in favor of it. You were right about how awkward Sakura-Tribe Elder gets. It's only good when there's a Tireless Tracker.

I should also give credit where it's due. This deck isn't entirely original. It's based on an old Standard deck, which you can find here:


The way the combo originally worked was to ramp into a Warp World, just like this one. However, at the time, Hunted Troll, his buddies, and Forbidden Orchard worked differently than they do now. Tokens' owners were whoever made the tokens, even if those tokens were put under an opponent's control. So even though your opponent controlled the faeries from Hunted Troll, you were their owner. So when you cast Warp World, you got 5 extra permanents from Hunted Troll. If you were ramping with Forbidden Orchard, you got even more permanents.

They changed the rules for token ownership back in Magic 2010. This was an intentional nerf since Warp World was in M10.

Anywho, I'm still goldfishing the deck. Still trying to figure out how to draw cards. Adding blue for Spreading Seas was my first choice, but you can't Hidden Herbalists into it. Abundant Growth, Nylea's Presence, Oath of Jace, Shielding Plax, Unbridled Growth, Weirding Wood, and Era of Innovation all crossed my mind as well.

@aekrusty: I'll have a look!

Master_Of_Obscure_Blue_Spells on Renegade Rallier in Modern?

2 weeks ago

@Rothgar: But Standard seems like a great place for him. Yahenni's Expertise into Renegade Rallier into Hidden Herbalists gives me shivers.

@EpicFreddi: Thanks! I really appreciate it! Like I said before, he would be great in an Abzan shell. Maybe Abzan Revolt? Too bad I sold my two copies of Fatal Push... But the idea still has a lot of potential, esp. with Cast Out.

sylvannos on Need help ending the world

3 weeks ago

So I've recently begun to play around with the idea of using one of my favorite combo cards of all time, Warp World. I loved the card when it was in Standard with Heartbeat of Spring.

Part of the reason I've been toying with the idea is Hidden Herbalists and Tireless Tracker. They offer more ETB effects that give lots of value and add to the consistency of casting Warp World.

Behold, my hilarious new brew:

The issue I've had has been speeding it up, while maintaining a healthy dose of recursion. One of the things I've noticed about this deck is how much Warp World functions like a giant Seething Song.

I'm thinking the deck needs a third color. Blue is my first choice because it gives Coiling Oracle and Spreading Seas. However, a strong case could be made for White or Black because then you have access to things like Horizon Canopy or Shaman of the Pack.

Has anyone else tried Warp World in Modern? How does it compare to decks like Tooth and Nail or Scapeshift?

Styrupp on Green Landfall Hydras

4 weeks ago

Start by removing Sylvan Scrying and all Seek the Wilds what are you going to search for a Forest?? better to remove and get higher chance to draw a land. Natural Connection is good you need more instant speed spells which ramps and good synergy with landfall.

Suggestions: Kodama's Reach,Caravan Vigil, Cultivate problem is that they are sorcery speed, Harrow may be a thing for the dubble landfall.

2x more Evolving Wild for synergy with landfall is a ++.

Reclaiming Vines remove it, use a more efficient one, like Nature's Claim,Reclamation Sage or Acidic Slime. (Natural State is ok)

Remove your Titanic Growth,Giant Growth and Aspect of Hydra but keep Swell of Growth for landfall.

Remove Somberwald Alpha Hidden Herbalists need to remove creatures to increase your chance to draw your big endgame like Nessian Wilds Ravager and Oran-Rief Hydra.

Remove Loam Larva is just a dead draw Elvish Visionary and Pilgrim's Eye is 100 times better.

Pilgrim's Eye is thinning your deck so you draw endgame cards earlier. Elvish Visionary replacing it self.

Llanowar Empath is an expensive Elvish Visionary i would remove it.

How i would read this deck:Go def early game and then slam huge HYDRAS end game!

stewa238 on 4-Color Revoltin' Developments (AMK)

1 month ago

First I would like to say that I like the idea of this deck and after reading your comment I see why you picked the cards you did. With that said, I see two major problems. The first one being that the deck will lose to aggro. You may be able to get out a 1/3 blocker on turn two, but that doesn't really help if they drop a 4/3 Bloodrage Brawler. Then on turn three they can drop a Rhonas the Indomitable with 5/5 deathtouch. If they give that flying or use a Lightning Axe to take out your Heart of Kiran you don't really have an answer.

Secondly, your deck is very weak against control. If they Lost Legacy your Renegade Rallier your revolt mechanic goes away. Moreover, they can simply counter any of the spells you have. Against a 4-color sahelli deck you would be in serious trouble. Even if they do not combo off with the cat combo, you would still be playing from behind most of the game.

Now that I have pointed out what I perceive to be the biggest flaws, here are my suggestions moving forward. First, you need to have a few more creatures that can abuse the revolt mechanic. I would suggest Greenwheel Liberator which will only grow as the game goes on, Hidden Herbalists could be a different way for you to get some mana and maybe drop some of the ways you are currently doing it, and a good revolt card that would not be able to be brought back, but may still be worth it is Solemn Recruit the double strike ability with the ability to keep getting +1 counters is great in this deck. I would agree with jubale above when talking about Hidden Stockpile it has the ability to get you some blockers to slow down those aggro decks. As for the control aspect my best suggestion is to throw some Negate's and Dispel's in the sideboard.

I hope this helps.

multimedia on Where the Wild Things Are

1 month ago

VeggiesaurusRex, I think you're really on to something here with Hidden Herbalists and the new -1/-1 counter creatures, looks great +1.

Hidden Herbalists revolt ramp ability is really acting like an engine because with it you can cast just about any other card. Having more ways to trigger revolt I think will be beneficial. Attune with Aether seems out of place because you're not using an energy strategy. I recommend replacing Attune with Unbridled Growth. It's a green one drop revolt enabler which you can sac for free. Growth will also give you some draw since you currently don't have any.

I recommend increasing Evolving Wilds to a 4 of. It's one of the best revolt enablers and due to the large number of Forests as well as the very low average casting cost I don't see 4x Wilds as a problem by slowing down your land drops.

Like Attune, Greenbelt Rampager seems out of place I would cut him to increase the numbers of some of your other cards who have more synergy with the rest of the deck: Blisterpod, Exemplar of Strength and Hapatra's Mark (which by the way is in the card database now). You can simply move them from the sideboard back into the main deck. This would clear up sideboard space for other cards such as Manglehorn and Dissenter's Deliverance.

Primal Druid is nice to ramp when it dies, but I don't think you really need ramp. Defiant Greatmaw is another strong -1/-1 counter creature who has 5 toughness for three mana.

Good luck with your deck.

NyanNijet on This Zoo is Revolting

1 month ago

Talara's Battalion might have a nice fit in here with the Burning-Tree Emissary andHidden Herbalists

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