Creature — Human Wizard

When Auramancer enters the battlefield, you may return target enchantment card from your graveyard to your hand.

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Auramancer Discussion

Boza on Azorius Pauper

6 days ago

The thing with azorious aura voltron is that it is not very good - you have no hexproof creatures to freely enchant and the only good aura (and the reason for the white splash in Hexproof decks) is Ethereal Armor .

I am not saying it would not work, but that it will work too slowly and without much protection. I see the UW or azorious as a great deck for aggro just not this way - for me the answer is tokens and Shared Discovery and Treasure Cruise for massive draw. But to in order for this deck to work:

22 lands

4 Hussar Patrol - great with armor.

4 Ethercaste Knight - you tend to attack with a single creature.

4 Heliod's Pilgrim - tutor up the needed auras.

2 Auramancer - get back destroyed auras

These will be the only creatures we want to play. Not too few, not too many. 24 cards left to go and we need auras.

4 Ethereal Armor - meat and potatoes aura.

4 Steel of the Godhead - the reason to go for azorius auras.

1 Wings of Hope - its a tutor target when needed.

These are the auras we need. We can tutor up anything we need. 15 cards left to go and we some more utility.

4 Journey to Nowhere - remove pesky blockers.

4 Oblivion Ring - remove pesky blockers.

3 Font of Fortunes - draw and great with auramancer.

4 Hindering Light - protection with cantrip installed.

Something like that will give you permanents that are enchantments for the purposes of ethereal armor and some protection as well that cantrips.

Tj_rhino on Plain Army

1 month ago

I just went through your suggestions and decided i am getting rid of 1 Ajani's Presence , 1 Skyspear Cavalry , 3 Razorfoot Griffin , 3 Auramancer , 1 Ordeal of Heliod , and 4 Chosen by Heliod . Then adding in 4 Paragon of New Dawns (great suggestion btw), 3 Seraph of the Masses , 4 Raise the Alarm , 2 Hall of Triumph . I really want to add those but im in a money tight spot and it will be hard to get these all through trade.

limpNuZZle on Plain Army

1 month ago

I see several cards that seem very out of place. By that, I mean cards that are not worth playing. Razorfoot Griffin is too much mana for what it does and Auramancer will not be as useful because you will probably not have many auras in the yard,and if you do, it is likely that you will have bigger problems than finding an aura at that point. In fact, I would loose the auras in general. You will want to be playing creatures in numbers, rather than enchanting. This is because your enchantments are just not strong enough to be worth it and the creatures you have are very vulnerable to removal. Overwhelming your opponent should be the plan.

Try adding x4 Raise the Alarm x3 Triplicate Spirits , x3 Seraph of the Masses , x4 Paragon of New Dawns x4 Brave the Elements , and x2 Hall of Triumph . These cards are all around 25-50 cents each. This is a highly budget upgrade and will speed your game up and be more aggressive as you will be flooding the board with creatures early, then pumping them with +1/+1 effects.

To fit these in, I would take out x1 Ajani's Presence x1 Skyspear Cavalry , x3 Razorfoot Griffin , x3 Auramancer , x4 Glimpse the Sun God , x4 Ordeal of Heliod , and x4 Chosen by Heliod

This would be an upgrade for less than $5 that could really help you speed up your game and be more consistent. By no longer using the squishy creatures and auras, you can throw out lots of tokens, use them to cast the Seraph of the Masses , pump them up with Paragon of New Dawns and Hall of Triumph , then swing for huge damage with brave the elements since it gives all of your creatures protection.

Let me know what you think.

Boza on Greater Auramancy's effect 'range'

1 month ago

Yes, that is correct. For example, an Auramancer enchanted with Lifelink will have shroud; Eidolon of Blossoms will also have shroud, because even though it is not enchanted, it is an enchantment itself.

Soul_Power on The power of life!

1 month ago

Check out Crypt Ghast and Gray Merchant of Asphodel for some key possible additions. Also Skybind to make use of all your enchantments entering the battlefield and you have some amazing flicker creatures like Auramancer and Sin Collector .

undertheglass85 on No Consellation

1 month ago

I know this is merely a rough list, but I'd suggest choosing which route of constellation you're wanting to go:

Control: Agent of Erebos , Grim Guardian , Thoughtrender Lamia , etc.
Aggro: Dreadbringer Lampads , Goldenhide Ox , etc.

I think you'll end up spreading yourself too thin if you try to do both routes, especially since there are so many good enchantments in these colors!

Make sure you can get this stuff back too, such as through Skull of Orm , Auramancer or Griffin Dreamfinder , or even Pharika's Mender .

Things that help accelerate into enchantments will be good to have too, such as Lost Auramancers , Three Dreams , or Plea for Guidance .

Cloudstone Curio will be a good thing to throw in there, to make sure you get the most of your enchantments and Constellation triggers.

Also, if you're using a lot of Auras, Kitsune Mystic is a must!

Seismic_Raptor on Brago, the Guy

1 month ago

Okay, so...

Sun Titan , as is wouldn't be doing too much work but with some alterations could go from good to great. Reveillark , for similar reasons and limitations.

Sphinx of Uthuun , Sunblast Angel , Sky Hussar , Twilight Shepherd , Angel of Serenity , and Diluvian Primordial are powerful, abusable, flying fatties.

Nevermaker , Solemn Simulacrum , Deadeye Navigator , Auramancer , Kor Cartographer , Man-o'-War , War Priest of Thune , Sea Gate Oracle , and Slithermuse are all solid blink-able utility creatures.

Blinkable fun-stuff: Faith's Fetters (shuts down pretty much everything, including planewalkers), Parallax Tide , Mystic Remora , Reality Acid , Lavinia of the Tenth , Phyrexian Ingester ($.20 rare as compared to that $14 Duplicant ), and Parallax Wave ..

Making Drago unblockable for that combat damage: Pentarch Ward ,and Unquestioned Authority .

Knight-Captain of Eos over Evangel of Heliod . Ephara, God of the Polis will usually be turned on and will likely be good whenever she is, plus she draws cards.Fate Foretold isn't super strong. Maybe Fieldmist Borderpost . Maybe Celestial Mantle .. Price

Low Avg High Foil
$0.03 $0.14 $0.7 $0.28

Cardhoarder (MTGO) Price

Normal Foil
0.02 TIX 0.02 TIX
Power / Toughness 2/2
Color(s) White
Cost 2W
Converted cost 3
Avg. draft pick 10.05
Avg. cube pick 12.48


Format Legality
Heirloom Legal
Standard Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal
Pauper Legal

Printings View all

Set Rarity
Magic 2014
Planechase 2012 Edition Common
2012 Core Set Common
Odyssey Common


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