Sword-Point Diplomacy


Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Ixalan (XLN) Rare

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Sword-Point Diplomacy


Reveal the top three cards of your library. For each of those cards, put that card into your hand unless any opponent pays 3 life. Then exile the rest.

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Sword-Point Diplomacy Discussion

Ninjew42 on Ixalan Treasure Pirates Blu/Blk v3

2 hours ago

Just got back from Sunday Standard. Got second place. Only loss was to mono black death touch/bad mana draw.
I ended up using Mark of the Vampire in place of Walk the Plank and Sword-Point Diplomacy.

Freezingfist on Black Sol (Black/White Approach)

3 days ago

Cool build, TateEn

This is just my opinion, but I think Sword-Point Diplomacy would be better served as a direct card draw card. Diplomacy gives the opponent the opportunity to make choices... also gives them the knowledge of what you're drawing. Live Fast costs the same, but just gives you two cards. WIth you win-con being Approach, I'd say the life-loss isn't that big a deal on your side, as long as the control elements hold.

I'd suggest Glint-Sleeve Siphoner, but it seems your build is non-creature centered.

Have you considered Dynavolt Tower? Seems like it could give you some extra reach in a spell centered deck like this. Would help if your own Approaches get Lost Legacy'd out... as a separate win-con.

gdm1989 on Pocket Sand

1 week ago

With the new ixalan set out I think sygg got some new toys I would add Boneyard Parley, Search for Azcanta  Flip, Sword-Point Diplomacy, Raiders' Wake, Dowsing Dagger  Flip, Thaumatic Compass  Flip, and Polluted Bonds For a little bit of draw power and defensive purposes. There are some other ideas I can suggest but hopefully those can help you out :)

utopiayoyo00 on Ixalan Treasure Pirates Blu/Blk

1 week ago

Ninjew42 love the drafted cards a few things i say pull the Sword-Point Diplomacy for Prying Blade cuz in standard the diplomacy is only great when u are ahead cuz when u r behind they will only give u things the worsen your position. Another thing i look to get is Ruthless Knave could be very handy once revel is in play.

BoerWolf on Mono Black Aggro (Budget)

1 week ago

Yeah, no problem. I would take out all 4 Doomfalls (keep them in sideboard for control matchup), 2 Heartless Pillage, and 2 Harsh Scrutiny. Add one Walk the Plank and some other low-costed removal (fatal push if you can afford). Since you have so much discard you may want to add a couple Raiders' Wake to help finish the game. Take the Tattered mummy out and run 26 creatures overall maybe? Sword-Point Diplomacy might be decent too.

ROUROU on Consistent turn 4 wins. Join Rakdos NOW!

2 weeks ago

honeybadger904 well, it's a budget deck, so you can build it anytime :) you should tweak it a bit for your meta, but I think you'll perform well . Good luck :)

Atroxreaper saw your deck. First of all. YES! Budget one, aggro and consistent! Me Gusta!!! I might even build it for my girlfriend:)

KraKra21 whatever the outcome, I don't mind at all. I mean, I am aggro. It would be ideal if the opponent paid 9 life, but 2 draws and 3 life, is as good as 1 draw and 6 life or three draws :)

Manemaan Wanted Scoundrels is pretty good. I mean, it's a nice beatstick that IF manages to stay on the field, will deal some major damage. Claim / Fame is also a nice card that can return them late game and make them deal 6 damage. That's how I actually won my FNM. Turn six , I had a Shock in hand and I draw a Claim / Fame. He attacked me with everything . ( He had a Torrential Gearhulk, Bone Picker and a Champion of Wits :S) he was 5 life, so I Shock him and it gets countered and then proceed to cast a Claim / Fame on a scoundrel, swinging for 6 damage. :D so, depending on the meta, I may remove them. For now, Wanted Scoundrels stays in :P

Also, when you are aggro, you don't care about traps ;) Sword-Point Diplomacy will either ensure our opponents take 3 damage, or I draw a card.Hazoret, is a no-no . I ain't playing ramunap red and she isn't a budget card.

As far as the side-deck goes, you are right. I don't know what goes in and out. I also don't know what cards to change from it. It's the first week and there aren't any overpowered decks at my LGS. I am currently working on it.

Thanks a lot for your kind words and for your suggestions. Khenra and the others , would be a nice add to this deck. :)


KraKra21 on Consistent turn 4 wins. Join Rakdos NOW!

2 weeks ago

I am not sure your opponent has to pay 9 life with Sword-Point Diplomacy. Each of the pay 3 life triggers are different triggers, thus the opponent could pay 3 for the Invigorated Rampage and you draw 2 lands. Just sayin'.

+1 Upvote from me :D

Ares666 on Bling-Bling Homie

2 weeks ago

So the whole idea is treasure into either Marionette Master or Mechanized Production, as to why Spell Swindle is in. Lots of decks run on a curve, so a 5 drop on turn 5 from my opponent is predicable, if they are running a curve. Already tried Siren Stormtamer but wasn't doing enough, plus only protects creatures and myself, not my enchantment. Looking to stay away from more creatures, might even downsize on them for more removal. Sentinel Totem is a good sideboard choice. Sword-Point Diplomacy, I love but Ryan made a good point, in this deck which doesnt rely on winning by damage, gives the opponents the option to remove our win-cons. I do agree on more lands and will probably remove some creatures for lands.

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