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Shorikai, Reanimator Engine

Commander / EDH WU (Azorius)



Welcome to my Commander deck featuring the massive mech, Shorikai, Genesis Engine

Shorikai is a fantastic card and just does so much. When it first got spoiled I knew I wanted to make a deck for it. While my initial idea was just replacing Kotori as the face commander of a vehicles deck, since Shorikai makes those excellent Pilot tokens, I wanted to try something different. Being able ti discard off of Shorikai gave me the idea of a reanimator shell, which is the direction I've gone with. Finally being able to make good use of whites stellar graveyard recursion spells like Resurrection and Breath of Life we can bin the big stuff with Shorikai's tap ability and bring it all back all while being in Azorius colours, my personal favourite colour pairing.

Thanks to Shorikai's tap ability we can shift through our deck super quickly. Using Voltaic Key and Manifold Key to double up on these gets us churning through faster, all while creating Pilots to block with. You can use them to crew, since Shorikai is a 3 turn clock for a commander damage win, it's not advisable since he has no built in evasion or trample and is easy to chump back unless we are in a commanding lead. Tapping to attack means we miss out on that sweet card draw / discard we built around. If you wanted to be less reliant on Shorikai to do so, replace the previously mentioned cards with actual card draw spells in a similar vein to the 'Thirst for' draw/discard spells. Because a lot of our vital recursion is Instant and Sorcery cards we have a small package to recur them also, allowing us to double dip on them.

As for our recursion targets, I've included a variety of big bads and value targets. We have some control options like Angelic Arbiter, Hullbreaker Horror and Void Winnower. Blazing Archon does an excellent job of protecting us and Ancient Gold Dragon helps us build an army (with a bit of luck!).

Overall my experience of the deck is pretty fun so far. I'm still in the process of tuning and playtesting a bunch of different cards, trying to find the right balance of Recursion spells, stuff to recur and removal spells. Any suggestions are greatly welcome!

Thanks for checking out my Shorikai deck. I hope this inspired you to give the value engine that is Shorikai, Genesis Engine a go. If you enjoyed this deck, please feel free to check out my other decks below:

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