Welcome to my commander deck featuring the masterful monk Taigam, Ojutai Master

The principle of this deck is to focus on the rebound mechanic to get the most fun and value out of the cards. While this isn't supposed to be a control deck, the cards Taigam synergies with well lean towards this more. Originally there was a sub-theme of dragons in the deck but I found they were generally underwhelming and thus, went full spellslinger with rebound goodness.

Having our Instant and Sorcery spells uncounterable is very powerful. We can generally run out our game plan while our opponents will struggle to interact with us. Dovescape is absolutely the biggest powerhouse when combined with Taigam. While he is on the field, we get all our spells while the opposition get only get the birds. Oh, and we get the birds too!

If that wasn't enough for you, we have Taigam's second ability. This allows us to rebound any of our instant or sorcery cards that we cast once Taigam's attacked. All he needs to do is declare the attack and we get the full value we need, meaning we can act before blockers are declared with any of our value instants like Nexus of Fate , Dig Through Time or Fact or Fiction .

But wait, Taigam has to attack and survive the combat step for some tricks to begin. Never fear, we have a few ways to protect our dragon-loving Monk through this. A 3/4 body is quite respectable, being able to trade blows with a fare amount of creatures but for the bigger bullies out there, we can throw the Mirror Shield on him or use Thassa, God of the Sea 's ability and sneak past, power him up with some nice indestructible using Darksteel Plate , Fight as One or Valorous Stance or simply just survey the area with Reconnaissance .

So we cast a load of fun value cards but how do we actually win? Well we mentioned our Dovescape option above and the absurd synergistic value is has with Taigam. Approach to the Second Sun is our most common wincon in the deck. This doesn't win off rebound though so we don't even need to have attacked with Taigam. Being able to loop Nexus of Fate with the substantial card draw we have is also entirely possible and also helps against milling strategies, along with Commit / Memory . A rebounded Storm Herd will certainly provide us with enough aerial damage.

If you wanted to make this deck more competitive, try putting in some more extra turn spells. I'd imagine a rebounded Time Stretch would probably make people scoop but that's not the route I wanted to take with this deck

Thanks for checking out the deck and I hope it helps you reach enlightenment much like it has done for our good friend Taigam, Ojutai Master . This is my pet deck and I always have a great time playing it. Please feel free to check out any of my other decks below:

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