EDIT: as of 8-14-22 I'm working on a rewrite based on the 3 major revisions to this deck since it was originally posted.

Revised version of my 'Mono Black Rising Dead' deck. The ideal win condition is to bring in brass dragon from the grave and use him to summon the entire graveyard each time he gets direct damage. The deck is supposed to mill/sacrifice/discard the larger creatures, using many of the instant/sorcery/creatures to control the field and assist in this goal. Ancient Brass Dragon is just the fastest way to bring the graveyard back, however. Many of the creatures and other spells have their own ways to bring creatures to the battlefield, including the commander, who also acts as additional control to keep the battlefield relatively clear.

While this deck does not specialize very aggressively in any one of the three major goals (milling the deck/grave digging for creatures/controlling the battlefield), it does well enough in each to keep you alive long enough to get to the payoff in most games (mostly play tested in 1v1 commander).

A few things I'd like to work on for a v2.5 or v3 would be the following:

  • More discarding options. Currently milling is one of the more common ways I get creatures to the graveyard. Without switching from mono-black to dimir, the options for this are a bit limited. If I'm missing something here, this would be my preferred way to evolve the deck.

  • Better land balance. After play-testing, and now uploading the revised deck list, I realize that this deck starts out a bit slow. This could likely be resolved by removing some of the higher cost spells and replacing them with a few extra lands and lower cost sac/mill/discard/dredge creatures.

  • Swapping out the commander. While I built this deck because of Sheoldred, Whispering One, she is neither quick to get into battle nor particularly quick with her abilities. Being limited to one summon from the graveyard per turn without an option to trade life (or other fuel) for more summons is a bit of a bummer. Additionally, in commander in particular, forcing each player to sac a creature each turn puts more pressure on other players to take her out of play since EVERYONE else is a target. Someone suggested Chainer, Dementia Master, however I'm unsure if the risk of permanent removal of creatures is worth the faster summons from the graveyard. Additionally, I'm unsure if the suggested method of sacrificing creatures when/before he dies in order to prevent their removal from play, would actually work. It seems like the effect would still hit those creatures summoned by him even in the graveyard. I'll need to look into that more.

Anyways, I appreciate anyone looking at this. Any feedback about cards that you feel could be taken out in place of more lands, or creatures/sorcery/instants that could be swapped for better ways to draw/mill faster, let me know!


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