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Hey all,

I haven't played Magic since the Odyssey block, so 20 years later a family member finally got me back into playing. This is my first attempt at a Commander deck. I'm using the Elven Empires precon, and some help from this article:


I feel like the deck ramps up quicker than anything I've played against and I rarely have to mulligan. I added some spot removal and a couple big guys because I have the mana.

I have a few issues: - Other than Lathril I don't have an endgame other than lots of elves and lots of mana. Should I add some big baddies? Who? - There are unknown unknowns - I don't have any grasp on the current meta, and have only been playing with a small group. I'm winning among my small group, but I'd like to at least be aware of what threats I could run into in the real world before the inevitable face-smashing I'll get the first time I play a stranger. I'm reading that board wipes kill this kind of deck, but in play they haven't really bothered me.

I'd love to hear any feedback whatsoever. Even if it's an improvement on a single card. Thanks!


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