This is a kynaois and tiro blink based clone and steal deck. It used to be my Muldrotha clone deck, but that one never worked quite liked I wanted to - i.e. too all in on the theme and as a result was too slow and clunky for my liking. This deck at least has its own strategy to play around with, and I've made the clone and steal theme around that.

Idea is to play value creatures that we can blink early game, maybe use clones to double the value, and then blink the clone effects and steal effects to close out games.

There is one finisher in the deck: Warstorm Surge Felidar Guardian plus a clone. It kind of goes against the spirit of the deck, but I think it's important to be able to close out games, especially if playing a potentially grindy deck (which this can be).

There's a lot of cards I like that didn't quite make the cut - but always happy to hear suggestions. Might do a more detailed write up later.


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