This is my 6th Commander deck. Here we have a partnership between Angels and Humans that aim for Control and oulasting every opponent. Please do read the descriptions bellow for a good understanding of the deck

Sigarda's Hexproof for all permanents is very valuable to ward off most interactions, and will allow to play supportive Humans and powerful Angels (even from the top of the library) without much fear of being thwarted. We also have strong enchantments to further boost our Control, and of course a nice selection of Removal, Protection and Draw spells

Our win-con is attacking with the Angels, while the Humans take on a more passive yet important role. They can also be used for attacking purposes, but they do need some power-ups first, and if I deploy Moat or Magus of the Moat they will just be used for their effects. Platinum Angel and Gideon of the Trials ensure victory as long as they stay on the field

We want to have Avacyn, Angel of Hope and Serra's Emissary with us as much as possible (ideally through Defense of the Heart), since together with Sigarda, they form an Ultimate Protection Trio (Hexproof + Indestructible + Protection from Creatures) that is enough to seal most games!

  • Guardian Project draws me a card whenever I play a creature
  • Sensei's Divining Top manipulates the top cards of my library, which Sigarda appreciates
  • Smuggler's Share leeches on opposing draws and land plays for card advantage and more ramp
  • Sylvan Library draws two additional cards per turn, at the cost of some life. It can also set up a creature on the top of the library to be played via Sigarda
  • The Immortal Sun provides extra cards, reduced mana costs, an Anthem effect, and shuts down Planeswalkers
  • The One Ring gives Protection from Everything for a turn and draws increasingly more cards
  • Tribute to the World Tree buffs weak creatures while rewarding stronger ones with extra cards
  • Trouble in Pairs punishes enemy draws, attacks and spell plays
  • Minas Tirith and Bonders' Enclave are Lands that can also draw more cards

Thank you for your time looking up this deck, I hope you enjoyed it! Any suggestions welcome!


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