Legacy meets EDH. Deck centered around 1 mana! A few exceptions (11 total) but they all deal with converted mana cost.

Rally the Ancestors at 3 hits 60% of creatures, at 4 hits 70% and at 5 hits 95%

Proclamation of Rebirth hits 60% of creatures.

Return to the Ranks hits 70% of creatures.

Sun Titan hits 100% of permanents.

Ranger-Captain of Eos tutors for 70%

Recruiter of the Guard tutors for 75%

Everything fits under Meekstone including Sun Titan in its own unique way.

Root Maze or Orb of Dreams + Amulet of Vigor is one-sided control.

Urza's Saga does serious work in this list with 20 targets. Auriok Salvagers recycles them all.

This was a fun deck building challenge and I like how it turned out. Next attempt will be 1 CMC restriction Mardu Deadguy Ale


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