Call for Unity


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Brawl Legal
Frontier Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Aether Revolt (AER) Rare

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Call for Unity


Revolt — At the beginning of your end step, if a permanent you controlled left the battlefield this turn, put a unity counter on Call for Unity.

Creatures you control get +1/+1 for each unity counter on Call for Unity.

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Call for Unity Discussion

FiveEightFiveBC on Kestia's Divine Army

1 week ago

Overrun seems like an odd choice for a deck which isn't focused on creature production. I might be underestimating the utility of Overrun here, but do you think it might be better to add something which synergizes more with enchantments and may be more permanent, consider your number of creatures might not be enough to eliminate a player with Overrun most of the time? Perhaps Celestial Ancient, Dictate of Heliod, Collective Blessing, or Call for Unity. If you just want the trample, Driven // Despair is cheaper and enables card draw, while Overwhelming Stampede is easier to cast and will give a larger pump. Primal Rage just gives your creatures trample and synergizes with your enchantresses. So, I think there may be one option here which is better than Overrun! I hope this isn't too much!

Madcookie on knights

3 months ago

Cool deck idea, but keep in mind knights are kind of unsupported tribe. For upgrades I'd suggest Coat of Arms, Anointed Procession, Radiant Destiny, maybe another anthem effect Glorious Anthem, Call for Unity etc. If you have them pretty much any of the Elspeths could fit here too. You might also consider some form of card draw, preferably in constant effects The Immortal Sun(draw+anthem, but it stops planeswalkers), Phyrexian Arena or Staff of Nin, because as is I think one boardwipe will put you in topdecking mode for the rest of the game.

Hope I helped a bit, cheers

scotchtapedsleeves on Because Wall Tribal

3 months ago

I kind of like anthem effects in decks like these, so anything that gives creatures +1/+1?

So: Always Watching , Angelic Voices, Call for Unity, Gaea's Anthem, etc.

Strangelove on Elendra Brawl-Prototype

3 months ago

Final cut:

-1 Call for Unity you'll end up being forced to destroy your own creatures. don't forget Sanctum Seeker is also an anthem. Throne of the God-Pharaoh and Gruesome Fate are the way to go imo because each basically reads: +4 damage for each creature you control!

-1 March of the Drowned don't forget Dusk / Dawn.

-1 Paladin of the Bloodstained you'd rather play Elenda or any other vampire

-1 Authority of the Consuls sideboard for hasters

-1 Cultivator's Caravan turn 3, ramp, turn 4, elenda + 1 useless mana. you'd have to cut lands to jam these in and lands are better late game.

-1 Manalith same deal

-1 Ixalan's Binding exile interferes with Elenda and you have enough removal I think


-1 March of the Drowned + 1 Supernatural Stamina or Boneyard Parley or God-Pharaoh's Gift or The Eldest Reborn

maybe -1 Fumigate +1 Vona's Hunger to feed Elenda

Strangelove on Elendra Brawl-Prototype

3 months ago

So I'm thinking 24 lands is what you need. If you think there's a card worth keeping, show me the card you'd cut instead. 3 drops needed to be smoothed out.

-1 Supernatural Stamina not good

-1 March of the Drowned not good

-1 Duskborne Skymarcher I can see you want flyers, but none you had are worthwhile. 1 drops suck without ridiculous draw. Either you tempo 1 drops or ditch all the ramp.

-1 Skymarcher Aspirant same deal

-1 Duskborne Skymarcher same deal

-1 Authority of the Consuls you don't need lifegain. If you need an evasive anthem, there's Victory's Herald or Dawnfeather Eagle and that's about it.

-1 Anointer Priest you don't need lifegain.

-1 Treasure Map  Flip really slow, not really ramp. If you want to scry, sure.

-1 Martyr of Dusk not good

-1 Pride of Conquerors not good. Victory's Herald or Dawnfeather Eagle if you feel you need to pump (you have others).

-1 Dusk Legion Zealot you'd rather have a good draw spell like Dark Bargain

-1 Oketra's Monument you don't have the token synergy (you have vamp synergy instead) and you don't need the ramp as much as you need bodies, draw, and removal.

-1 Recover not good. You'd rather draw something better.

-1 Cultivator's Caravan you don't really need ramp as much as you need lands and you'd cut a lot of flavor for the consistency this provides

-1 Manalith same deal

-1 Kambal, Consul of Allocation draws way too much hate and you don't need lifegain

-1 Sadistic Skymarcher not good

-1 Voracious Vampire not good

-1 Oketra the True strong card, but its not a vampire and you'd cut a lot of flavor for the consistency this provides.

-1 Paladin of the Bloodstained not good

-1 Fumigate you want one-sided wipe

-1 Call for Unity how are you going to guarantee something leaving on your turn? seems bad for +1/+1 that only grows at your end step, conditionally.

stensiagamekeeper on Only Cats Allowed (G/W Standard Cat Tribal)

3 months ago

+3xAdventurous Impulse (3x$0.25), +2xLlanowar Elves (2x$0.25), +2xMemorial to Unity (2x$0.25), +3xLongtusk Cub (3x$0.25), +3xPride Sovereign(3x$0.99), +4xCompulsory Rest(4x$0.25), +1xRegal Caracal ($1.49), +1xForest, +2xProwling Serpopard(from sideboard)(+21) =$7.97 (US$ from cardkingdom. Maybe not the regal and a sovereign if buying locally)

-4 scrounging bandar, -4 pouncing cheetah, -4 call to unity, -2 durable handycraft, -4 abascade, divine verdict, oath of ajani, growing rites of itlamoc (-21)

So with Dominaria getting released in less than a week cards I'd consider are Adventurous Impulse, Llanowar Elves and maybe even a couple Memorial to Unity. Elves lets you play your spells a turn early and the others make it a lot harder to get screwed on mana while letting you dig for your tribal bombs.

I'm assuming you don't have more Longtusk Cubs because with Ixalan, when you say you last updated the deck, being when energy was the entire meta they might have been a little pricy. They are a penny a piece now so I'd suggest picking up a couple over Pouncing Cheetah or Scrounging Bandar.

The removal package is a little slow and I'd suggest Compulsory Rest, Gideon's Reproach or Cast Out to replace the Divine Verdict and suchlike.

Also I'd run more lands. At least 23.

Durable Handicraft, Call for Unity and Oath of Ajani arn't viable in standard atm. You're sacrificing tempo to force through damage late game. Most well tuned control or mid-range decks could easy stabilize before you start to do anything really aggressive, aggro will keep those cards dead in your hand and combo will have you dead on turn 4. Not to mention that anything leaning on removal only needs to one for one your creatures and render your random do nothing enchantments useless without even having to directly answer them. Your best strategy with this type of deck is to either bite hard and not let go or play cards like Vanquisher's Banner or Lifecrafter's Bestiary and draw so many cards your opponent runs out of removal.

SoulsSlayerKnight on B/W Vampire Tokens

4 months ago

Sorry, I don't play standard much, so probably why, still though cards like that in which are standard legal are good ones to look for. If anything that always helps, it's various enchantment cards that give a good boost to counters or more blood effects. Call for Unity is a good choice with uses of having to have a permanent leave each turn for a 1/1 counter. Can start off slow but that card works over time, only suggesting some things a tad quicker near the start with a similar effect. It is a vampire deck but if there's not many vamp cards like that then like razelfark says , use Call for Unity Just an opinion I have.

razelfark on B/W Vampire Tokens

4 months ago

SoulsSlayerKnight While the creature you suggested is a strong one... it is not standard compliant.

chewie027 I like your deck design The main changes I would do would be to cut Demystify from the main board and move to side board. Probably replace with Martyr of Dusk as the creature is a solid 2 drop that is a good sacrifice target for Costly Plunder and gives you a body that can turn into a token.

In your sideboard I would probably take out Vampire's Zeal, Pride of Conquerors, and maybe Call for Unity. Replacing these cards with the demystifies from main board and copies of Lost Legacy. The reason I suggest lost legacy is that if successfully cast will stop most combo decks and Approach of the Second Sun decks from having the ability to win. You can also use the Lost legacy to exile removal spells or even planeswalkers that could be problematic to your deck.

Best of luck with the deck.

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