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Black and White Soul Sisters - MODERN

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Hello all :) I'm Jacqueline and I've been playing magic for like 6 months now and I found some people to play on the weekends. Most of them have "meta decks", which I'm not really interested in making. So I came up with a black and white Soul Sisters (based on some examples I saw online, like Green and White Soul Sisters) and I would like to know what do you think.

This deck has the colours I like and some cards that I also enjoy playing. I'm having fun and if I wanted to win I would get some deck list, spend 1000 dollars, which i don't have :') and win. But I like where this deck is going, and I can actually win some times or at least put a good fight. However I'm very new and I don't know all the cards or even possible synergies. I really struggle against Scam or Tron as I don't actually have a sideboard yet.

So first I would like to ask for suggestions for the mainboard, what would you change to make it a bit better while keeping the price down. And secondly, what cards should I make my sideboard with? I think the ones I found are nice but they are too many! Which of them are the best for sideboarding?

Thank you in advance for your help :)


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