Turn 2/3 we should have Jin-Gitaxias  out and self protected via Ward 2. Next turn, hold land drop, pay the four w/seven cards in hand, flip to draw seven more cards, now with 14 cards in hand. Drop your land for turn. Any remaining mana (should be 2 after land drop) is put into a proliferation spell or hold for counterspell. If we get a proliferation before the next turn, on the next turn after draw, Jin-Gitaxias becomes omniscient. Allowing us to drop all the big cards and extra turn spells--cementing a win.

We are gonna just do what we need, draw lots of cards, take lots of extra turns and usually draw deck and play it scot free once Enter the Infinite is tutored/found.

Boop. One amazing deck...

Combos & Wincons: Lots of extra turns. Enter the Infinite + Laboratory Maniac Enter the Infinite + Nexus of Fate Enter the Infinite + Psychosis Crawler Enter the Infinite + Jace, Wielder of Mysteries Laboratory Maniac Jace, Wielder of Mysteries


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