Animar, Soul of Elements knows how to party, and these are the friends he's invited. Although my playgroup doesn't allow infinite combos, it's impossible to build an Animar deck without creating potentially infinite plays, so instead, we limit any single creature being cast to three times per turn. Ancestral Statue and Cloudstone Curio are absolutely essential in any Animar deck - they're simply too good not to play. Selvala, Heart of the Wilds is also a game-changer, as she can start spitting out tons of mana in any color combos you need very early. Verdurous Gearhulk is another great play, although it doesn't work with the Curio since he's an artifact, but still great none-the-less. You can see the other mix of creatures from there - a variety of abilities (ramp, control, pump, tutor, cascade, etc) and a complimentary mix of CMCs to make sure the deck goes...and goes fast. That said, if you think I've missed anyone more deserving of an invite, make sure to let me know.


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