The Goal of this deck is to win through commander damage by utilizing Narset, Enlightened Master's Attack Trigger to chain extra combats and turns. Until you can get Narset out the deck runs counterspells, removal and board wipes to control the board while you ramp out with the various mana rocks.
There are many different Narset builds ranging from straight control to voltron and combo. I choose to go with a combo build. I found this to be very consistent often providing a turn 3-5 Narset and a win within the next two turns following Narset.
1. Extra Turn and Combat Chains
Narset's on attack triggered ability is extremely powerful as it allows us to cast up 4 free spells per attack. With 11 (and a few more planned) extra turn and combat spells in the deck it is extremely likely for one to be flipped over with Narset. The goal is to chain these as each of them provide another attack and more commander damage.

2. Enter the Infinite + Omniscience
If Enter the Infinite resolves while Omniscience is on the board it should be an instantaneous win as beacon of tomorrows continuously reshuffles each time it is cast allowing an infinite loop of turns as well as having many counters in hand. With the deck in hand and infinite turns there should be no problem resolving Narset and swinging till victory.

I've been working on this deck since around December of 2014 with Niv-Mizzet, Dracogenius. It started off made up of mostly random rares I had in my binder and commons/uncommons I thought was good. When I first started to think of how to make the deck stronger I swapped my commander to Numot, the Devastator with a janky voltron shell in around June of 2015. The deck had a better win condition in mind than just play stuff and hope to win but it was still no where near the deck it is now. A good friend of mine also began to upgrade his deck and together we decided I should swap to Narset, Enlightened Master around the start of October 2015.


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