Door to Nothingness


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal

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Set Rarity
Magic 2013 Rare
Planechase Rare
Fifth Dawn Rare

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Door to Nothingness


Door to Nothingness enters the battlefield tapped.

(White)(White)(Blue)(Blue)(Black)(Black)(Red)(Red)(Green)(Green), Tap, Sacrifice Door to Nothingness: Target player loses the game.

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Door to Nothingness Discussion

maxon on Alt-win-con players ASSEMBLE!!

7 hours ago

Livingham , looks like a fun deck. You actually got me thinking of changing up to 5 color. I get access to Door to Nothingness, which I see you are running. It's kinda great to be able to just shut out another player. I have a couple in my playground I'd love to be able to just take out of the game, and I've been wanting to build a Child of Alara deck anyway, and hadn't really decided on win cons with that one yet. Thanks for the comment. Just gave me some more direction. And this way if ever a new janky win gets created I can easily add it no matter the color.

Rozmar on Paul Walker

3 days ago

It's just my personal preference but whenever I make a 5 color edh I always include Door to Nothingness just because I normally have to mana to use it

BioProfDude on Illegal turn one win

1 week ago

But Door to Nothingness enters the battlefield tapped, so it's actually a turn 2 win, right?

Livingham on Good Times with Cromat

2 weeks ago

My cromat deck is more aimed at using charms for shenanigans/control but the odd win condition theme is just as prevalent. Given the access to 5 colors, Door to Nothingness seemed essential; it might not be a win condition but it's more fun and can be recurred with cards like Eternal Witness for more uses.

My favorite win condition in my cromat deck is Scapeshift, I didn't want to invest in an amazing mana base so my deck ramps into the appropriate colors which means that I usually have a good amount of lands in any given game. By the time I get scapeshift in any game, I almost always have 10 lands out which means I can tutor for Maze's End along with 9 guildgates; from here I either win next turn or that moment if Amulet of Vigor is out (which also synergizes with door to nothingness).

Another slight win condition in my deck is just hitting someone for lethal with cromat. With the versatility of charms along with a few cards that improve his offensive ability like Might of the Nephilim, Civic Saber, and Finest Hour it's not hard to one shot someone in a turn, especially if you have excess white and red mana to buff cromat with. I realized that, given how easy it is to get cromat to 20 power, Mayael's Aria actually proved to be a sufficient win condition.

LTmiller on A gift

2 months ago

Door to Nothingness can't be in your deck, technically. But as you mentioned you do not care. I was just curious.

goteamglenn on Horde of Notions Elemental Tribal

2 months ago

Since you're already trying to get mana of every color, do you think it would be too cheesy to include Door to Nothingness in this deck?

LTmiller on A gift

2 months ago

Um. Okay, I know this is a gimmick deck, but Door to Nothingness in Mono Blue? Even if it's a gimmicky, although acceptable commander you still should probably follow the color identity rule and banlist amigo... cough cough Upheaval cough cough

The_Redpill on Card creation challenge

2 months ago

Grand Hamartia


The next time a spell or ability would cause target player to win the game, instead that player loses the game.

Hoses the 'I win' cards like Barren Glory

Make a card that makes a target player to lose the game, like Door to Nothingness

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