Door to Nothingness


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Magic 2013 (M13) Rare
Planechase (HOP) Rare
Fifth Dawn (5DN) Rare

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Door to Nothingness


Door to Nothingness enters the battlefield tapped.

(White)(White)(Blue)(Blue)(Black)(Black)(Red)(Red)(Green)(Green), Tap, Sacrifice Door to Nothingness: Target player loses the game.

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Door to Nothingness Discussion

SMASHER101 on Thrasios and Vial Smasher

1 month ago

You can't play Door to Nothingness because it's not in your commanders's color identity.

MagicMarc on Why Play my Deck when I can Play Your's?

1 month ago

Using Ramos, Dragon Engine means this may have a home here, Door to Nothingness . But only if you would like an alt-win con. A more serious suggestion for the deck is putting Academy Ruins in here to perma-lock Mindslaver on one opponent. Another good one I have always liked in a deck type like this is Capsize . It lets you get back into your hand cards like Agent of Treachery or Evil Twin to use them again. Or temporarily get rid of things you don't want in play.

DarkHero on Janky Ideas Compendium

1 month ago

Bear Suplex!

Commander / EDH DarkHero


Clues lead to Janky Treasure

Commander / EDH DarkHero


Consider the deck that forces people to open Door to Nothingness on themselves.

Morophon, the Boundless Human or Cleric Tribal for free Shadowborn Apostle

superhuman21 on

2 months ago

You could also add Amulet of Vigor , and adjust lands accordingly. It would make the triple lands VERY solid. You're not running Nevinyrral's Disk or other such Door to Nothingness , but it also allows these to be tapped right away. Ofc these are a bit of long-combos (>2-3 cards) but something to consider depending on your meta.

BMHKain on Recent updating as of Throne ...

2 months ago

Wait. Garruk's Curse from the Chain Veil is GONE?! UNACCEPTABLE!!! BUMP TO THE POWER OF 6 DIMENSIONAL LAYERS!

If this is true, What does Liliana have left to worry about besides Gatewatch Replacer Kaya?

6... DAYS. I literally forget this even exists. That said, another card has me thinking: Happily Ever After? Bullcrap. We still got Elspeth to worry about in the Underworld of Theros; & what her fate as a Walker is, & IF she'll have a new Planeswalker Card after God knows how long... As I'm trying to cut some stuff, & update some things on the fly. I also have finally started the Nest Tender herself, that said, that one card: Happily Ever After; I feel it might be another way to Wincon the game in ways similar to the Banned as crap: Coalition Victory . I also abandoned the idea for ETB Untapped Landbases for the whole ideas. I'll work on Karona later; even as she replaced Yidris. That said, it's official. After adding Door to Nothingness to my Vorthos Deck, it has officially become 5cc. But Happily Ever After is actually a Spoiler for the end of the whole of My Vorthos Deck's Script. What are your thoughts on this? I'll work on some other decks until I believe I'm ready to finish ADAM RUINS EVERYTHING as a Vorthos Deck. NOTE: TV 14 DLSV. Ah whatever; MTG being 13+ & ADAM RUINS EVERYTHING a TV 14 show is basically the same anyway.

So, any thoughts?

WAIT: The Links I got for Happily Ever After just lead to more decks. Just look the card up, & you'll know what Coalition Victory 2.0 really is...

reelronin on Sliver EDH

4 months ago

I'd suggest some more draw spells to replenish this creature heavy deck. Also maybe look at some artifacts that can place creatures from your hand onto the battlefield. Moreover, I believe that Herald's Horn could be beneficial or even Belbe's Portal . Since this is a Five Color EDH deck, I would considered an enchantment called Cryptolith Rite . This way you can use Enlightened Tutor and find this enchantment. Then it would come in handy for your Finale of Revelation .

Fun card that would be hard to get to work would be the Door to Nothingness . I don't really suggest it, but its fun if you have five colors and are stalling in the game.

BMHKain on enpc

4 months ago

(I am truly sorry that I post here as well for the sake of even reconciliation. Even if that is beyond the range of Absolute Zero, & the exact opposite that Burns all.)

@enpc: From the start of August, I was planning to make a Morophon, the Boundless Horse Tribal Deck just to poke fun of MLP FIM; is opposed to making fun of it. I'm afraid this will have to be delayed; even though that Bant Human from Throne of Eldraine might do some real good in Human Tribal as well. That said, you're right; we do need to talk; even if you're Member #4 of the whole thing, if Member #3 is just a non-existent concept in my head.

Before we begin my Judgment Day, I did, technically learn a lot more than I thought initially; Grixis (Yeah, here we go again, but please bear w/ me on the matter.) has these initial traits of a now, Sparkless, & Dead in 1000 MTG Multiverse years Elder Dragon; even though I really wanted Sorin Markov, & Nahiri to reconcile, & stop fighting like idiots. Three Traits: Cunning, Manipulative, Enduring. Just need two more for Grixis at least. I'm sorry to say; I could've prevented this whole thing from happening from the beginning; a simple edit; but nobody gave me the Last Chance effort to fix even my mistakes.

Just to imply only one user; TypicalTimmy. He was actually correct on several things: Yes, I have something like Paranoia (I think?), & can be quite a Electrospastic Spazazord. But when nobody believes your skepticism as they didn't see well enough, Would I cry Wolf like some Damndest Fool? No. If I can't be believed as to what I literally, physically saw, I simply discard the notion until it is brought up again. ADD/ADHD? I was never truly diagnosed w/ such ideas. I'm Asperger's, yes, but given my age (Hint; Year wise, I'm equal in age to two popular franchises; both have been ruined forever in their own way; one of them to me, & the other is currently being hated by a whole community w/o my realization as to why.), I'm obviously no Baby Boomer (What?! There is no such thing! To not be a Millennial is to be born before 1000AD; 1000 years is another word for Millennium. Anyone born in 999AD? Who is still Living? Who is shockingly Youthful w/o the need of impurity or Physical Age Restriction? No? Then I'm bored.), but I dunno if Early 1990's counts as Millennial Status; & if it does, DO. NOT. HATE.

But he even stated I'm more like Izzet all over again. I kinda wonder what aligned Legendary Creature is also capable of Spirituality... & wanting to care; even if it means it's entirely impossible.

Well, I ditched the Mana I never had. I might as well reiterate what you recommended as Law:

Be concise: don't make your post longer than it has to be to get your point across.

Don't go off on tangents: most of the time these will detract from your points, not add to them.

Don't rant: Tirades are generally going to casue people to avoid/ingore your posts rather than interact, because of effort and the concern that they will have future tirades aimed at them.

Don't be random: Bombarding people with anime or video game references don't help get your point across, they don't make you seem endearing, they just make you seem unstable. If you want to make a reference, make sure that it's going to be known enough that poeple get it and don't overuse them. Try to encourage discussion: While this one is basically just "see previous points", remember that a statement will generate less interaction than a question (unless it's a deliberately controversial topic at which the Mods might get involed...). And this doesn't mean have a rant and then end in a question.

Yeah... It IS a personal problem of mine for such huge posts; I don't get how to shorten even whole sentences into one word as in; you can't. It's impossible. & even if it is, spelling Supercalifragilisticexpyalidocius (Wrong spelling on purpose to prove something.) is FAR easier. For Tangents, It's... a little easier; I really just, dunno how I even got to such. I already might have broken Rule 02 just to prove the nonexistence of Baby Boomers; who, in MY dictionary is another definition entirely. Really. Tirade. it just feels like a kid trying to define Rapacious as they never heard of it. Really Young. Ah well. (Looks up "Tirade".) Wow. I was that pissed? No wonder my center color is ; such raw emotion IS Volitile. Might as well take some time to calm the heck down as I cracked two rules open so wide, redemption is nearly out of range... Finally, the refs... Yeah. I have to stop that crap myself. It'll be a long process, but maybe you might be right on these. I refrained from doing the last as it's Captain Obvious Worthy; just simply move on I'd put to mind...

So, yeah, I'm really sorry for such heinous idiocy of mine; I really got to straighten myself out. Frankly, I've no idea what else to say. Maybe I'll focus on my Bant Enchantress/Voltron deck; or Naya Equipment Partner Voltron. I'm also working on Xantcha, Sleeper Agent Politics Matters Deck, though now, is out in regards to a deck about, well, me.

But I have one last question to ask just to shut the doors on this topic: What Legendary Creature in relates the most to me Lorewise? I'll be using that for such a deck. That was all I asked; & still need answers...

I hope this post is good enough to end whatever enemyship I thought I had. There's a Wall of Text for a good reason; I've ALOT to say about the matter.

Pass turn. Push me into the Door to Nothingness even if I fight against the urge.

BMHKain on

4 months ago

@Yesterday: Huh. Well, another idea for a cut I guess; & yes, I did reconsider Mirror of Fate & it's back onto the deck. I suppose Myr Welder does deserve a cut, huh... Plotting to set a Doomsday package; w/ the Obligitory Laboratory Maniac , but I'll decide myself on this; sometimes Just Decking out is a better risk than... well, you know. I'd add Door to Nothingness , but that's maybe too much. Regardless, The Myr gets kicked.

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Door to Nothingness occurrence in decks from the last year

Commander / EDH:

All decks: 0.01%