Door to Nothingness


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal

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Set Rarity
Magic 2013 Rare
Planechase Rare
Fifth Dawn Rare

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Door to Nothingness


Door to Nothingness enters the battlefield tapped.

(White)(White)(Blue)(Blue)(Black)(Black)(Red)(Red)(Green)(Green), Tap, Sacrifice Door to Nothingness: Target player loses the game.

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Door to Nothingness Discussion

aholder7 on The Most Painful Form of Mill, Version 2!

1 week ago

i see you enjoy the pain and misery of others. you also like slowly and inefficiently taking them out. you also have a Chromatic Sphere which means anything goes. Helix Pinnacle? Door to Nothingness? cast Blue Sun's Zenith to get your entire library to your hand then Prismatic Omen, then Glittering Wish to grab Wild Cantor from your sideboard, casting it, Conjurer's Bauble to get Glittering Wish. cast Faith's Reward to get back your Lotus Bloom, Mox Opal and Krark-Clan Ironworks etc. sac bloom for white. sac mox for green. use Conjurer's Bauble to get Glittering Wish back. then use Codex Shredder to get Faith's Reward back into your hand. use glittering wish to get Slippery Bogle sac Wild Cantor for green/blue to cast it. repeat everything since cantor. get Slitherhead. sac cantor for black. cast it. repeat. grab Elvish Hexhunter. cast it. repeat again. grab Coalition Victory. repeat as many times as necessary to get the mana required. cast it for victory.

best part is that you only need to add Blue Sun's Zenith and Pyrite Spellbomb (which are both actual win cons themselves which makes this even better) as well as a single Prismatic Omen and Glittering Wish into your main. the rest is sideboard. technically the plan hinges on you being able to produce enough colorless to cast zenith for enough, but if you can't then youre not really playing eggs.

Prophet_of_Xenagos on Cursed Heart

1 month ago

Door to Nothingness may be my favorite 5 color instagib suprise out of nowhere meganuke that is totally amazing and hilarious (not for everyone else) to play.

iMorphious on 5 color beatdown

1 month ago

I feel like this deck could really benefit from a Door to Nothingness

Anarrandir on Draconomicon

1 month ago

Your first real attempt a a commander deck is five color? That's quite ambitious.

If you want to go a fun Timmy-style tribal, it might be worth considering stuff like Brass Herald, Tribal Unity, and Door of Destinies. In terms of just great five color cards, All Suns' Dawn, Door to Nothingness, and Legacy Weapon are super fun and useful (Door to Nothingness might get banned by your meta, judging by how strict they seem). Other stuff you might want to consider:

-Bringer of the Black Dawn

-Swords to Plowshares

-Distant Melody

-Dragonlord's Servant

-Slumbering Dragon

-Thunderbreak Regent

Kinkybobo on Atraxa's Attraction

1 month ago

First off i like what you've got going on, it's incredibly similar to my commander deck Vicious Evolution which you should look at for ideas. However I see some of the same weaknesses in this deck that mine used to have and quite a few others.

The biggest one I think you need to address is your mana base. It's slow, it hurts you, and it's incredibly easy for opponents to exploit. Lands that shock you each time you tap them like Underground River are great for early game plays, but the fact that they ping you for one life every single time you need colored mana from them is a large drawback, especially here in your deck because you have next to nothing to offset life loss outside Sphinx's Revelation and Primeval Bounty which are very later turn options. A few cards do offset this like urborg and chromatic lantern, but those are obvious targets for removal and you cant really rely on getting them early enough, or even at all. Your Planeswalkers large abilities could potentially offset the issue as well but again, they aren't reliable at all and are obvious targets for removal. Further expounding your life gain issue are cards like Tezzeret's Gambit whose alternate cost cant really be taken advantage of, and Phyrexian Arena which hurts you every single turn its on the field. This leads to turns where you could potentially lose 3-5 life just from playing a key creature. Against an opponent whose deck is geared towards life loss/gain you will lose every time. I'd suggest simple shock lands like Overgrown Tomb which have a one time cost that you can choose whether or not to even incur. Your other lands that enter with counters on them like Gemstone Mine and Dreadship Reef are just a bad idea in my opinion that rely waaaay too heavily on your commander and late game cards like Inexorable Tide. I do see what you're doing with double mana lands like Simic Growth Chamber which allow you to bounce those back and replay them, effectively giving you more uses with them if you haven't managed to proliferate counters onto them, but that slows you down so much, half of your artifacts have the same problem, Gemstone Array, Astral Cornucopia, and Pentad Prism... and you have a few mana converter lands in there as well, you're spending ridiculous amounts of time and mana, just to get more mana and theres no reason for it. In this case, simpler is better. Your land base is overly complicated and its entirely unnecessary. I could understand if you had a Door to Nothingness or Progenitus but there's nothing like that here. Get some more basic lands and focus your time on creatures and spells. You shouldn't have to think and worry about your mana.

Revedeka on Forces of Nature

1 month ago

Fun deck!

The thing with 5-colour decks is that its very hard to get all the colours of mana you want. I have also made a 5-colour deck, in to fix this issue I used the combination of Bloom Tender and Scuttlemutt.

If you want to drastically change the way you want to summon your creatures, you can try the cards I mentioned before, and also Orochi Leafcaller and Fist of Suns. And only have Forest in your deck, or maybe something like Mana Confluence or Chromatic Lantern.

Some other good cards in this deck might be Door to Nothingness, Bring to Light and Bringer of the Blue Dawn I personally also really like Maelstrom Archangel.

Good luck with your deck! :)

TheRedMage on Pattern Recognition #9 - Winning ...

1 month ago

Well, Kaladesh sort of has one - you gotta expect that the dome dome will win you every (1v1) game it goes to the dome.

Either way, the influx of alternate win conditions is very irregular. Looking before in time:

So basically I'd say it averages a bit more than 1 per year, but there are long stretches where no new ones get printed, and RTR had a lot more than I remembered.

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