Rune Snag


Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Modern Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Coldsnap Common

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Rune Snag


Counter target spell unless its controller pays (2) plus an additional (2) for each card named Rune Snag in each graveyard.

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Rune Snag Discussion

FriedR8tOnTime on Grixis Delver

3 days ago

The synergy w Snapcaster and Rune Snag is what I initially saw so I would maybe only run 1x Rune Snag. But now that u question the rules there between them idk myself. TBH I think Rune Snag must have other copies to be efficient. When Snapcaster Mage plays the spell it's casting from graveyard it puts that card on stack w flashback and then its exiled so there would technically not b anymore Snag's in GY when it's used w flashback.

Chopwood on Grixis Delver

3 days ago

If you're going to use Rune Snag you must have a playset to be able to use it properly, otherwise it's just a worse version of Mana Leak. Hm... It should be pretty powerful in combination with Snapcaster though.

FriedR8tOnTime on Grixis Delver

3 days ago

Grafdigger's Cage is not something I want to play as it doesn't allow Snapcaster Mage to play cards as flashback. I had Murderous Cut in the deck but I figured if I want to add another delve threat I would add another Gurmag Angler... I don't want to rely too much on my graveyard though so I put in a 3rd Terminate. I thought about Bone Picker but it just seems a bit too slow and inconsistent for modern play right now. If it had flash lol then TOTALLY!Thanks for all the input so far. I really like Rune Snag.Possibly try 1x copy in SB. I've also been thinking about adding Kalitas, Traitor of Ghet to SB for longer games or any creature heavy MUs. Any thoughts?

Chopwood on Grixis Delver

4 days ago

You should check out Rune Snag and Vapor Snag, I've found them useful in my delver.

LeaPlath on red blue control for the Dominus

5 days ago

To be a control deck in modern, you need counters, removal, draw and bombs.

You want 25 lands. Ensure you can draw and play one most turns. Have a good late game. Some of these lands can be man-lands, such as Wandering Fumarole, utility lands such as a 1 or 2 of Desolate Lighthouse, and dual lands, such as Steam Vents, Sulfur Falls.

For counterspells, your bread and butter is Mana Leak. If you can afford it, Cryptic Command is a must play, and if you play fetches so is Logic Knot. Rune Snag can be decent but suffers versus any deck with GY hate. Silumgar's Scorn can be powerful, depending on how you line up your win-condition.

For removal, Lightning Bolt is like, the basis. Electrolyze is pretty decent. If this is budget, Harnessed Lightning can be a good option with some energy production, as it lets you kill big things as needed.

For RU your options for sweepers are Anger of the Gods, Sweltering Suns or going a third colour for Radiant Flames. Anger of the Gods is best in a control deck because of the exile clause.

For draw, there are a few ways you can go. You can keep low to the ground with Ancestral Vision (not very budget), Think Twice or go big with Pull from Tomorrow and similar. I personally quite like Think Twice and Pull from Tomorrow together.

For your creatures, you want something cheap, hard to remove, big and ideally with flash. Sadly none of those exist cheaply. Cryptic Serpent is a good size, doesn't die to bolt or decay/push and can come down cheaply late game. Thundermaw Hellkite and Stormbreath Dragon enable Scorn and end the game quickly but lack the cheapness. Torrential Gearhulk gives you all the value, is big, and flashes in. Etc etc.

Naksu on CounterBurn

1 week ago

I think if you're willing to run a playset of Mana Leak, you could swith them to Rune Snag for later scaling, since mana leak becomes somewhat obsolete later.

Darth_Savage on Prudence

1 week ago

Cool deck, just a couple of suggestions -

  1. Replace Essence Scatter and Negate with either of 4x Mana Leak or Rune Snag.

  2. Clockspinning rather than Expedite it can remove 2 counters from the Thing or mess with an opponents Planeswalker.

Grifoneis on "That one guy who actually plays blue."

2 weeks ago

Instead of Mana Leak I always recommend Rune Snag to people playing blue counterspells. While initially not as powerful as Leak it scales much better into the later stages of the game with every use, unless they're running grave removal in which case you might want the snags in your sideboard once you know they'll be more useful.

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