Rune Snag


Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Modern Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Coldsnap Common

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Rune Snag


Counter target spell unless its controller pays (2) plus an additional (2) for each card named Rune Snag in each graveyard.

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Rune Snag Discussion

Kalron on Rainbow dragon

5 days ago

So you're at 66 cards. You can honestly drop down to 20-22 or so lands if you wanted to. A lot of ramp decks don't run more than 22-24. So that would really help.

Dragonmaster Outcast should be put in the mainboard, hands down. Drop both Icefall Regents and the second Dragonlord Ojutai. The second Ojutai will likely get stuck sitting in your hand while you wait for the other one to die. The card advantage you get from it doing damage is nice but I don't think it's worth running two.

I'd drop both Dawn's Reflections because it's too expensive. Either include more creatures such as Elvish Mystic or the other elf that does the same thing for the same cost or Rattleclaw Mystic OR you can just put one more Abundant Growth in and another Verdant Haven. I would probably only do the one Abundant Growth and put in elvish mystic or whatever, you'll see why I suggest this soon.

I don't personally like Stormbreath Dragon because your creatures already have flying. This already makes your cards really hard to block so the effect you get from making it monstrous is kind of poor. I think something like Thundermaw Hellkite would be a fine substitution because you can tap flying creatures your opponents control and it has haste soooo this could be a finisher.

I also think that unless you can specifically search for creatures in your deck, you shouldn't be running so many one ofs. This ruins your consistency because you have very little card draw. In a deck like mine, I can safely run one of a few different cards because I'll likely see everything in my deck if the game runs long enough. With ramp, you're trying to end the game early with huge creatures. Typically you want them to interact well with one another. I think something like Mirrorwing Dragon AND Temur Battle Rage could help. You could also run something like Vines of Vastwood if you do Mirrorwing Dragon. I can't help but shiver at the thought of playing against that. With your current creature pool + interaction you can't really rely on any one effect from your dragonlords unless you can search for them. I know that's why you're running Sarkhan Unbroken but dropping all your creatures on the field at once will make your entire strategy vulnerable to board wipe unless they all have haste. Again, something that could be fixed with Mirrorwing Dragon or Zada, Hedron Grinder if you run Expedite or some other card that gives haste.

If you REALLY want to keep all your dragonlords as one ofs, you could always run Gifts Ungiven and Unburial Rites. These will let you get stuff from your deck and then back from your graveyard. I don't know where you'd fit those in but that's what I suggest doing if you want to keep all your individual Dragonlords. Otherwise, just side them in to deal with what cards your opponent is playing. For exmaple Dragonlord Silumgar is pretty useless against draw-go decks like mine.

I think Mana Leak Is out of place. If you're going to interact with your opponent, you should either be using burn to chip away that last chunk of health or some kind of permanent removal. I suggest Abrupt Decay, Terminate, Path to Exile, Detention Sphere, Lightning Bolt, Lightning Helix, or Electrolyze. Otherwise, if you really want to run counters, you should run something heavier like Cryptic Command, Rune Snag, Dispel, or Negate. Mana Leak can be worked around by paying extra mana and you will likely have enough mana to cast whatever you want if you're given enough time.

If you want me o actually suggest additions and subtractions in terms of creatures and spells and stuff other than what I've already done, let me know and I'll give it a shot.

Sargeras on U/W Ultimate Control: Make Your Opponents Concede

1 week ago

Having seen and played many versions of decks that run Isochron Scepter, I have a few suggestions.

  1. You need to have Leyline of Sanctity as a 4-of in your sideboard,otherwise any deck running discard will tear up your hand and screw with your combo/control. Once that happens you wont have a lot of outs to a board state besides maybe shackles if you top-deck it. I get that this a budget deck but you'll need them to win against powerful decks like Death's Shadow.

  2. Run Glacial Fortress over Prairie Stream, since you have fetchlands you typically want to get shocks instead of basic lands, Fortress is guaranteed to enter untapped. I get that goes against playing your Vedalken Shackles but in my experience curve is far more important.

  3. For sideboard tech, you may want to play cards like Ghostly Prison in order to have a one-stop way to make your opponents not be able to attack you, instead of trying to buy a turn.

  4. You may want to consider playing Rune Snag over Mana Leak, because if the game goes longer your opponents will be able to get around leak, meanwhile snag is good in both the late and early game if you draw it (Also pairs better against discard).

Those are my suggestions, if you need more help let me know.


H0L0cr0nHunter16 on

2 weeks ago

Rune Snag might be better than Mana Leak

aholder7 on Disciple of... what? {HELP WANTED}

2 weeks ago

Lets add Rune Snag if we like having things in graveyard.

ej133 on Witch-Maw Control

2 weeks ago

Hey, bro, whaddup?

Well, let's get this sorted out: your deck need some improvement. You're on the right track, and Modern has never ever been control-friendly as it is right now, even though we're living in a Death's Shadow spree. But the point of playing control is having fast answers to trouble, and your list seems a bit too slow. I don't know how is your budget for this deck, so, for every suggestion I'll bring along a budget option too.

Shall we?

  • The most common decks in modern run at most 3 colors. If you wanna run 4 colors, you need a slightly better mana-base. Fetchlands like Flooded Strand and Windswept Heath, along with shocklands (Temple Garden, Hallowed Fountain, Breeding Pool, Godless Shrine, Watery Grave and Overgrown Tomb are your colors) will bring you the manafixing you need. You gonna lose some life, but trust me, it's worth it. Budget: you might consider running some Botanical Sanctum, Blooming Marsh and Concealed Courtyard too. They were printed in Kaladesh, so they still a bit 'cheap'. Amonkhet brought a set of fetchable lands too, so you might run Irrigated Farmland, Fetid Pools or Scattered Groves with the Khans of Tarkir fetchlands and this may also work.
  • Your removal spells are soooo expensive. I mean, you're running 3 copies of a 2-mana sorcery-speed removal. That's hardly ever useful. When I saw you were running Witch-Maw colors I was expecting some Abrupt Decay, Path to Exile and Fatal Push. These are some of the best removal spells of all time, and they're all available for . Nonetheless, they're also very good with Snapcaster Mage. And about Hero's Downfall, well... it's a cool card, but I wouldn't run 4 copies. Budget: Even for cheaper options we have awesome cards like Condemn, Vendetta, Murderous Cut, Victim of Night, Mortify and Putrefy. (Ok, these last two aren't sooo great, but at least they're instants and can handle some paralel trouble.)
  • Your choices for counterspells are very connected to the fact you run a removal-heavy deck, so you don't really need to counter creature spells. That's ok. But Dissolve is a card that rarely ever saves a game due to its mana cost. It's double blue for some small advantage. I'd recommend going for Remand or even Logic Knot. If you reeeeally like blue stuff (like me), you might even try to fit Cryptic Command in, but I don't recommend it in a 4-color. Budget: Rune Snag, Mana Leak are very competitive options too.
  • Finishers: Well, every deck needs to win some way. I really love AEtherling, this card is sooo awesome, but as I said on Jwillette72's deck Don't wake horror! (Sung like Don't Wake Daddy) once: he's far too slow for modern. By the time you drop him, you will (very likely) be nearly dead already and he won't save you. For a 6-drop I really like Elspeth, Sun's Champion. She is such a power-house. For similar reasons, I have my concerns about Desecration Demon. Sure, he's one of the fattest creatures you'll drop for 4 mana, but he is very susceptible to your opponents actions. I mean, if you're playing against someone with Lingering Souls on their deck, you're very likely to never attack with him. (by the way, you could use some of this card here too) Also, he is very easily handled by Path to Exile and Fatal Push. For a quick beatdown, I'd probaly go for Tasigur, the Golden Fang and/or Geist of Saint Traft. These are awesome finishers, and a little harder to deal with than the Demon and the Aether Guy. Budget: Gurmag Angler does the Tasigur job very good too. Blood Baron of Vizkopa is also a good option. Aaaand, four copies of Lingering Souls with Zealous Persecution can be a solid strategy too, trust me.
  • I imagine you're trying to do a sort of boardlock with Blind Obedience, but Authority of the Consuls does exactly the same thing for even less mana. You lose the Exort ability, but if you keep paying this, you might end up tapped-out and that is not what a control deck wants. But keep the Detention Spheres, this card rules.

Anyhow, I really like your deck and support what you're scheming here. If you want more tips, feel free to ask.

solarbeam on Harmless Pact

2 weeks ago

Hey, I believe I can help you out a bit here. I made my own Esper Demonic Pact deck, and while it's more focused on abusing Pact than using Harmless Offering, input is input. You definitely should run a full playset of Mana Leak over Rune Snag, especially since you're currently not running a full playset to get the maximum pay off for it. You'll definitely want to run a full playset of Lightning Bolts as well, Electrolyze is also a great card. Grixis Charm would be a fantastic addition to your deck, it can act as a removal spell or bounce your pact if you can't get Harmless Offering. Inquisition of Kozilek is imperative for you as well, since it will help you make sure the coast is clear for Harmless Offering. Speaking from experience, don't mainboard Go for the Throat, get Fatal Pushes instead. Sideboard cards you may be interested in are Collective Brutality, Negates, Countersquall, Kolaghan's Command, Venser, Shaper Savant, and Mindbreak Trap.

TheAnnihilator on UW Control

3 weeks ago

Here are my suggestions:

  1. I'd move a Condemn to the main and play a 4th Path (or just put 2 Condemn main if you don't have a 4th Path, but Path would be ideal).

  2. I'd pop a Jace, Architect of Thought and an Elspeth, Sun's Champion main, since Elspeth is the best non-Zenith wincon you could ask for, while Jace serves as recurring card advantage that card be a wincon on occassion.

  3. Think Twice is definitely a card you play 4 of in this deck. Same with Serum.

  4. Rune Snag is really not the best, since it's so graveyard reliant. I think a Negate or 2 and possibly 1 extra Logic Knot would be better, with one free slot open.

  5. A Detention Sphere or 2 would be better than Reflector Mage main, since it's more permanent and can deal with non-creature threats. Maybe 1 Cast Out instead, to dodge Abrupt Decay and fill the 'yard for Knots.

  6. Geist is really not a control card, and for the reasons I gave you before on my Esper list, I simply wouldn't play it. Also worth noting, it doesn't play well with your board wipes.

  7. Speaking of board wipes, I suggest playing 1 more, preferably a Supreme Verdict.

  8. Finally, you have no way of interacting with lands at all, so I suggest putting 3-4 Ghost Quarters and/or some Spreading Seas in there. You could play Tectonic Edge over Ghost Quarter if you want to. Otherwise, what are you going to do against Cavern of Souls, Tron Lands (Urza's Tower, Urza's Mine, Urza's Power Plant), and opposing creaturelands?

Other stray thoughts: I don't see the harm in playing an Azorius Charm or 2, since it's a pseudo-removal-spell that cycles against combo decks. A 2nd Jace isn't the worst, not maybe not the best.

Also, sideboard cards to consider: Celestial Purge, Relic of Progenitus, Negate, Dispel, Rest in Peace (if you don't mind siding out Knots and playing Think Twice without flashback), Ceremonious Rejection, Timely Reinforcements, and Disenchant. Not trynna tell you how to build your board, but giving a sort of exhaustive list on cards that are playable in the board that you may not have been aware of.

FriedR8tOnTime on Grixis Delver

1 month ago

The synergy w Snapcaster and Rune Snag is what I initially saw so I would maybe only run 1x Rune Snag. But now that u question the rules there between them idk myself. TBH I think Rune Snag must have other copies to be efficient. When Snapcaster Mage plays the spell it's casting from graveyard it puts that card on stack w flashback and then its exiled so there would technically not b anymore Snag's in GY when it's used w flashback.

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