Hi everybody, welcome to my profile page! I'm ToolmasterOfBrainerd. If you're confused by my name, listen to the above song. If you're still confused, well, Trip Shakespeare is an acquired taste. Go listen to some Twilight Hours to acclimate yourself (and hear some beautiful music), then try again. If you do embark on the path to being Shakesperienced, I'd be happy to give song recommendations.

My favorite card art has to be Haunter of Nightveil . I own a foil and it's beautiful. I also love Unsummon for its flavor text. I have a lot of favorite cards to play with. In no particular order, Stoneforge Mystic , Deathrite Shaman , Snapcaster Mage , and Thoughtseize . My favorite colors are . My favorite set, no joke, is Dragon's Maze. I think I'm the only one who likes it, but I pulled my first mythic rare ever out of my first Dragon's Maze pack, so I have a special place in my heart for it.

I am fairly active on this site and try to give and ask for help frequently. I am best with modern decks because that's what I've played the most. Although TheAlexGnan is the true Grixis savant around here. For non-modern formats, I think is a blast to play.

I keep on hand the cards to play any of the following grixis decks in modern: Rocket Science, The Angry Insect (Grixis Delver), Flame On (Grixis Control). Which of them I play depends on my mood and the meta. I also play Counter Cat Rawr in modern. I play Jeskai DelverBlade in legacy. I play I sees a Harpy, an' a Strixy and Heavy Metal Bears in EDH.

I'm a Johnny Spike. I am naturally a competitive person, but every deck I play has to be off-meta. It can be similar to what other people have done, but I never want to play a mirror match.

Got an issue with me? Let's talk it out like reasonable people. Enable chat if you'd like to keep it private, or comment below and we can work it out for all to see.

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Really good clocks go a long way. Goblin Rabblemaster is an option, although limited in other uses.

Land destruction is also really good. If you get them down before they get Tron online then they're basically time walk or better. Fulminator Mage and Field of Ruin are the best in my opinion.

Stony Silence is also really good half the time.

March 23, 2019 12:45 a.m.

I don't recommend infernal Reckoning. Or Alpine Moon, for that matter. Link your decklist because that will really help for advice.

March 22, 2019 11:02 p.m.

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Thanks! I pretty much own all of it, too, which makes it tempting to build. I'm missing 4 Spell Queller , 2 Settle the Wreckage , Esper Charm , Seachrome Coast . It feels way better than Grixis these days.

The 2 Creeping Tar Pit are bad enough for tapped mana. And I never want 6 lands in play for Colonnade. And fast lands are nice to save some life vs the aggressive meta.

Since you play BGx, do you have any ideas for approaching the grindy decks? This morning I remembered that I'm in the colors for Lingering Souls , which could be decent sideboard tech vs UW and BGx. The grixis Snapcaster Mage / Kolaghan's Command engine was so good in those matchups, but without it I think I'm unfavored.

March 19, 2019 5:29 p.m.

Chancellor of the Annex because it can slow the opponents way down. Otherwise Griselbrand .

March 18, 2019 9:13 p.m.

Why does this have circle of protection red? That card is either terrible or win-more and there is no in-between. It's pointless to turn a 90% winrate into 92%.

Based off mtggoldfish decklists, it seems standard to be playing wrath effects right now. And with decks like Phoenix, dredge, humans, spirits, and modular affinity running about, it makes a lot of sense.

Actually as I'm learning more about these decks, I think soul sisters and martyr proc are distinct archetypes. Soul sisters plays Soul Warden and Soul's Attendant to gain tons of life early then wins with Serra Ascendant and Ajani's Pridemate . Martyr proc doesn't play either of the soul sisters and instead plays a midrange value deck that uses lifegain to make the game go long. In fact, martyr proc usually wins by an infinite value loop, but I don't recall exactly how it works (a guy at my lgs told me about it a few months ago when we played).

This deck would likely be made much more effective if you choose which you want it to be. Martyr proc is probably over $70 to be truly functional (the loop might involve Emeria, maybe?) and pieces like playsets of Field of Ruin and Ghost Quarter are really really good to have to face the general meta. But martyr proc is probably the better deck of the 2.

March 14, 2019 6:45 p.m.

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hungry000 Martyr proc is a real deck. Circle of Protection: Red shouldn't be anywhere near it, but otherwise it's a real deck. It's not great in current modern, but it's definitely more than just a hate deck.

March 13, 2019 7:27 p.m.

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It was mentioned before and I would like to re-iterate that you really shouldn't build a deck whose only purpose is to beat up on your friend who plays goblins. It won't be fun for your friend at all and it won't be fun for you after 3 games. And it won't be fun to play against anyone else ever.

If you're dead set on building a deck for beating goblins you're much better off saving money and building a bulk common deck with blockers, removal, and lifegain. Pack some stuff like Nyx-Fleece Ram , for example, and you'll do pretty well. Finish them off with some lifelink angels. It'll be way more fun and way cheaper then spending $70 just to beat goblins.

March 13, 2019 5:07 p.m.

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marco-piatti I do not recommend 8-rack at all to a new player. It's not very interesting if you're new and to be honest I'm unconvinced it even has a good aggro matchup. If you build it on a budget (no Ensnaring Bridge or Liliana of the Veil ) then your aggro matchup will be terrible.

Any kind of midrange or control deck will be good against goblins but those tend to be expensive.

March 13, 2019 3:29 p.m.

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That's a solid budget elves deck! One thing to note is that Priest of Titania is not legal in modern. Try Elvish Mystic instead or Elvish Archdruid . Goblins and other burn variants will be tough matchups because they are faster and they have a lot of burn.

Elvish Promenade seems win-more. When you're behind it doesn't do enough to get you back in and when you're ahead it's overkill.

Dwynen should do a lot in the matchup.

March 13, 2019 2:02 p.m.

mtggoldfish did an article about the legal implications of removing the reserved list. The article mostly explains the legal system and the laws in question, but it makes it pretty clear that there is legitimate legal risk for Wizards. It does imply that it would be a tough case for the suing party, but not downright silly. Bluster all you want about what you think about the reserved list and the legal implications, but I'm far more inclined to accept this legal expert's opinion on the matter.

March 9, 2019 12:58 a.m.

Stifle would be interesting in modern. Probably too powerful, but wow how I'd love to have it. I think I just want it because of how good it is against Tron.

A friend of mine pointed out that Portent might be balanced enough for modern. It doesn't draw on the same turn so it's not very good for storm. It really just helps control (miracles) and delver. Given storm is the usual reason people don't want better blue cantrips, I think it's a possibility.

March 8, 2019 12:45 a.m.

Languish for sure. Mainboard sweepers really tank your win percentage against control and tron and those matchups will be tough to begin with. Of course by removing Languish your Spirits and Humans matchups get worse, but I don't think you'll win a game vs Tron if you draw Languish, whereas you can win vs Sprits and Humans on a good draw.

I also recently came to the conclusion that Tombstalker might be really good tech for Grixis right now. It's amazing vs Spirits and Humans because it can block flying creatures. It also blocks Arclight Phoenix .

I'm worried about over-use of your graveyard. 3 Gurmag and 1 Tasigur and a Logic Knot is a lot of dedicated delve. And without fetch lands you will struggle hard to get a big graveyard. The most expendable of these is Logic Knot .

March 7, 2019 1:48 p.m.

Anger of the Gods is like 10x better than any other wrath in Grixis colors. Exiling is extremely relevant against dredge and Phoenix and any lingering graveyard decks like Hollow One. But I'd only play it in the sideboard personally.

6 counterspells at 2 mana is too many. 4 mana leak in the main is sufficient. But keep the spell snares. Those are solid.

You should consider playing more creatures. Your Tron matchup will be abysmal without more clocks. You could pretty easily shift this to being a Delver of Secrets  Flip deck without increasing the cost. Or just jam some Young Pyromancer .

Opt and Serum Visions and thought Scour is too many cantrips. Opt is the worst of the bunch.

Without Snapcaster Mage you should consider Mission Briefing . It's not too pricy and it helps fuel delve.

March 7, 2019 12:27 p.m.

PlatinumOne Shivan Wumpus is legal in modern and is Argothian Wurm color-shifted.

I don't know if I would play Dust Bowl over Field of Ruin . You can't use Dust Bowl until turn 4, which is really late vs tron.

March 7, 2019 11:47 a.m.

8 burn decks? Yeah that would make sense.

Tasigur, the Golden Fang is incredible against burn. I also have 10 counterspells post-board so the game usually reaches a state where I've stabilized and they will never resolve another spell.

March 7, 2019 10:43 a.m.

(responding to your deck description) to be fair, I've played quite a bit of Grixis delver and burn is a solidly favored matchup. Like, 70-30 or better. It always feels like a close game yet I almost always won the match.

As for this deck, I think you can get a 95-98% winrate vs burn and still be able to win other matchups too. In fact, I think soul sisters (also called martyr proc) does exactly that.

Also Tron makes me way more salty than burn ever could. I love watching burn crush Tron.

March 7, 2019 10:13 a.m.

My biggest hopes are Baleful Strix , Daze , and Counterspell .

Counterspell probably wouldn't be too powerful for modern. Logic Knot and Mana Leak kinda suck; it's a little sad that modern doesn't have a counterspell that isn't embarrassing to play. With the prevalence of Cavern of Souls I find it HIGHLY unlikely that counterspells will ever be too powerful for modern.

I know from budget legacy that you have to do a little work to get Daze to function with shocklands. It's a pretty major deckbuilding restriction, especially in modern. All the same I'd love to see something appear that can play it. I think you could get UR Delver to function with turn 1 Island into turn 2 UR land.

Baleful Strix would be an amazing equalizer between the stupid creature aggro decks (looking at you humans and spirits and phoenix) and fair decks. Seriously, screw those decks. I'm sick of one-for-one removal not being good enough. The card is laughable in the face of bigger decks like Tron.

March 6, 2019 12:57 a.m.

Burn cares more about its life total than one would expect. The go-to burn deck in modern is Boros with a green splash for Destructive Revelry out of the sideboard. But Atarka's Command is strictly better than Skullcrack . You'd think that they would play it since they're already in green. But they don't. Apparently you get a higher win without it by saving a few life and only fetching for green when you board in Revelry.

March 5, 2019 4:59 p.m.

Said on Counter Cat Rawr...


hungry000 Interesting points. Thing in the Ice  Flip is definitely a problem for this deck. Trickbind ing Thing only stalls to their next instant or sorcery and and Trickbind ing Phoenix only works on 1 Phoenix at a time. But being able to stall like that is a real tempo swing. Post-board my Rest in Peace is nice, but not enough.

I don't think either Trickbind or Squelch is where I want to be in this meta. UW Control is very low in metagame share. Tron is lower than before and I have other ways to fight them. I've been toying with the idea of Mishra's Bauble . Pumping Tarmogoyf to 5/6 vs Gurmag Angler or Lightning Axe is nice. It's also a way to 'scry' for Delver of Secrets  Flip. I'll try swapping out Squelch and see what happens.

Thanks for the comment!

March 4, 2019 11:45 p.m.


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