Stone Rain


Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Modern Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Ninth Edition Common
Champions of Kamigawa Common
Eighth Edition Common
Seventh Edition Common
Starter 2000 Common
Mercadian Masques Common
Starter 1999 Common
Portal Three Kingdoms Common
Classic Sixth Edition Common
Portal Second Age Common
Tempest Common
Portal Common
Fifth Edition Common
Mirage Common
Ice Age Common
Fourth Edition Common
Revised Edition Common
Unlimited Edition Common
Collector's Edition Common
International Collector's Edition Common
Limited Edition Beta Common
Limited Edition Alpha Common
Promo set for Gatherer Rare

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Stone Rain


Destroy target land.

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Stone Rain Discussion

aeonstoremyliver on Serious Ponza

6 days ago

I've totally won with a BoP buffed by Kessig Wolf Run. Including one Wolf Run in the list is right, IMHO. I really like Garruk, Primal Hunter and have added one to my paper list before seeing this. Illuminati confirmed lol!

Courser makes total sense, actually. Being able to even out some Aggro matchups is nice. I don't like not having a dork on T1 though, which is what helps drive a T2 Moon or Stone Rain.

Roast is great to take out a Tasigur or Angler, which are prevalent in the format ATM. Seems like a good meta call. Although I agree that Beast Within is a better 401 all purpose removal spell.

StoryArcher on Two routes for Mono-Red Land ...

1 week ago

This would be a 'creatureless' version I might consider...

I'm starting to think that looks pretty interesting. Crack the Earth could be potentially devastating, especially against those white creatures with ProtRed. Red Sun's Zenith gives me a potentially recurring finisher and if it comes down to it would at least theoretically keep me from decking myself.

StoryArcher on Two routes for Mono-Red Land ...

1 week ago

Alright, so I was recently inspired by a couple of new deck ideas and one very, very old one and it has me looking at Land Destruction and wondering if its viable for Modern. The baseline of the deck isn't anything revolutionary and currently looks like this:




Collectively, that leaves me with nine slots, and therein lies the question. I've come up with two different ways to go - add in a little more direct land/resource destruction and then try to lock up my opponent with Trinisphere...

Version 1: (Land Destruction I)

...or use a very, very old trick that worked well for me back in the halcyon days of Ice Age where I used Orcish Spy and Millstone to selectively filter the mana sources out of my opponent's deck before he could draw it...

Version 2: (Land Destruction II)

I'd welcome any thoughts on this, because I'd really like to run a Mono-Red competitive land destruction deck in Modern if I can and I'm not too sure which route to go.

As far as my sideboard goes, I know I'll definitely be using Surgical Extraction as it was an agonizing decision not to simply include it in the main deck, but beyond that I'm not too sure. I figure Pyroclasm will have my mana-producing creatures covered and Shattering Spree will handle artifacts, so I suppose it would all depend on the Meta. The different iterations of Chandra have also started to have their appeal of late, but I'm not too experienced with Planeswalkers, particularly in a competitive setting.

colton815 on G/W Land Destruction

1 week ago

you have too many noncreatures for Collected Company to be effective. Path to Exile is completely counterproductive to a land destruction strategy, and the "activate this ability only if an opponent controls 4 or more lands" part of Tectonic Edge makes it worthless as part of a land destruction strategy in modern, because a very large majority of the modern meta costs 3 or less mana anyway, meaning your opponent will still be able to cast stuff. the whole point of land destruction is to render your opponent incapable of casting spells, which Tectonic Edge cannot do in modern. youre also too reliant on specific creatures to make sure that Ghost Quarter's own effect doesnt essentially negate itself. Ghost Quarter is really more of a sideboard card used to destroy Tron lands. you kinda have to include red for a land destruction strategy, because Stone Rain and Molten Rain are crucial to the strategy. turn 1 mana dork, turn 2 cast a cmc 3 land destruction spell without handicapping yourself by sacrificing a land and thereby having less mana to use the next turn.

wylie72 on Get called a Dick Deck (Multi FNM Winner)

1 week ago

Bovine073 thanks for the inquiry. I have been running 3 Stone Rain instead of 4 for about the last year (with a 4th in the side). Trying to change things up a bit with Courser of Kruphix and planeswalkers and needed the room, it was either my 3rd Stone Rain or my last Birds of Paradise. Most of the time, this is Mana-denial via Blood Moon, with a turn five or six Stone Rain being a dead draw. When I lose games, it is typically because I empty my hand and run out of gas giving them time to catch back up.

Gut Shot is a good suggestion, would let me deal with an bird or heirarch on turn one while still playing my turn one ramp. I'll add some to the side in my next iteration.

Yeah, primer is old. Been playing this deck too long, but it's just too dang fun to switch.

landofMordor on Brewing "challenges"

1 week ago

Argy, I like to give opponents Phage the Untouchable. Or, in Modern, Phylactery Lich.

I bet Aggressive Mining would be a fun gift next to some mainboard Stone Rain...

I'm with you. I actually build the crazy combos only electronically to keep my creativity up. Then I apply the same principles to more competitive play, to help me find loopholes in dominant strategies and so forth.

aeonstoremyliver on Serious Ponza

2 weeks ago

I recently put Ponza together myself. Interesting include of Chameleon Colossus! I like it with all the Death's Shadow variants floating around.

I'm currently testing out Goblin Dark-Dwellers and Rishkar's Expertise. Obviously those two cards together are nuts, but Expertise can give you some fantastic grinding fuel should games go long. Dark Dwellers bringing back Stone Rain or Beast Within is a fantastic feeling, btw.

solarPULSAR on Strip mine combos help

2 weeks ago

Dont forget Smallpox or Stone Rain or even Tectonic Rift

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