An Unctus deck that wants to combo off and win through drawing cards.

Kind of a crazy fun deck to play. I love the way it digs through the deck for combo pieces even if I don't have everything on board to win on the spot. It's pretty quick, fairly consistent and simple in concept. I've removed the mill aspect of the deck and committed to winning off of decking myself. So far getting a 3 island + Aphetto Alchemist opening hand usually leads towards a turn 4 win, assuming Unctus resolves on turn 3. And it's pretty resilient because it can tap out on turn 3 for Unctus, but still dig for Foil in response if an opponent tries removal after he resolves.

Kinda limited on what it can do outside the main combo. I have lofty ideas of making a board full of 8/8s with Ominous Seas and Elixir of Immortality. Toying with the idea of being able to continually dig through the deck, sacking those 8/8s to Ashnod's Altar/Phyrexian Altar and being able to play the whole deck at once?


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