This is a prototype of a Tom Bombadil deck, the current commander is just a placeholder.

pays to watch for: Use Hall of Heliod's Generocity in response to Tom's trigger to get the exact saga you want from your graveyard in to play

Use Brago or the displacer kitten to reset Sagas, but probably more worth-wile to reset Tom's trigger ability, get more than one per turn Scroll Rack will put a card from your hand within reach of Tom's trigger. Enlightened Tutor will do this for any saga in your library

Use Hex Parasite to re-play saga triggers like The Akroan War, The Phasing of Zhalfir, Time of Ice to take or lock-down threats

Clock-Spinning can be used to trigger a saga on your opponents turn, and if you have the mana, buy it back for later use

All will Be One should be able to take out minor threats and deal considerable damage to targets

Pretty much all the other cards fall in to Control your opponent's board, make tokens to swing with, or control the counters on your sagas so the expire as you want them to.


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