The Akroan War

The Akroan War

Enchantment — Saga

(As this saga enters the battlefield and after your draw step, add a lore counter to it. Sacrifice after III.)

— Gain control of target creature for as long as The Akroan War remains on the battlefield.

— Until your next turn, creatures your opponents control attack each combat if able.

— Each tapped creature deals damage to its equal to its power.

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The Akroan War Discussion

Gingervitis on Dire War (Galvatron)

1 week ago

Immersturm Predator is a must in this kind of deck. Could replace Dire Fleet Warmonger.

The Meathook Massacre could potentially replace Bastion of Remembrance. It's a board wipe and triggers when both player's creatures die.

Price of Loyalty is a weaker version of The Akroan War.

Sigardian Savior is a possible replacement for Lurrus of the Dream-Den.

There are more suggestions, but those are the bigger ones. Here's a deck of mine that follows the same concept. It isn't standard 2022 legal but has a lot of cards that are. Check it out.

Descent into Avernus

Standard* Gingervitis


I have another sacrifice deck that's in black and white, and is standard 2022 legal. Check it out as well.

Night of the Fleshtaker

Standard* Gingervitis


9-lives on Aikido of the Inward Eye and Mirror Flame

5 months ago

Got rid of Doublecast for Disallow , considering that most of my instants and sorceries are not above 2 CMC. Got rid of The Akroan War and Rollick of Abandon considering that I'll probably never draw both at the same time, and I could use multiple cheaper spells like Justice Strike for cheaper than the CMC, but I'd like to know the statistics behind the amount of P/T every creature I could possibly face since I need for them to have less T than P.

9-lives on Aikido of the Inward Eye and Mirror Flame

6 months ago

The problem with the Zirda companion combos is that all I've seen do cycling then Zenith Flare .

If I got rid of those two cards, I could have Shu Yun, the Silent Tempest and maybe some other card?? The Akroan War is only useful if their P/T has less T than P, which means I can get rid of Rollick of Abandon . And Truefire Captain isn't absolutely necessary.

With Zirda, I can use Soulfire Grand Master 's ability for only 2 mana to bounce my instants and sorceries. That's really all I can use Zirda for, though. Kind of a waste of trading one crappy strategy for another.

legendofa on Activated Ability? Embalm and Mentor?

6 months ago

9-lives No, there's no cost-indicating colon in the text or reminder text of The Akroan War , so it's not an activated ability.

I just double checked, Sagas use triggered abilities.

714.2. A chapter symbol is a keyword ability that represents a triggered ability referred to as a chapter ability.

714.2b “{rN}—[Effect]” means “When one or more lore counters are put onto this Saga, if the number of lore counters on it was less than N and became at least N, [effect].”

Algebra stuff aside, the italicized "When" indicates a triggered ability for the second part. All italics mine.

9-lives on Aikido of the Inward Eye and Mirror Flame

6 months ago

If I have Lightning Helix with Soulfire Grand Master in play, I'll gain 6 health from a single Lightning Helix as well as deal 3 damage. If I use it with Firesong and Sunspeaker I'll gain 6 health, and do 9 damage. I like the lifegain aspect of it, as 6 is a ton of life, and will basically buy me time to get to what cards I need. Rollick of Abandon is not only useful with Blazing Volley but also The Akroan War . Do you know of any Jeskai cards that deal +P/-T to all creatures or just the opponent's creatures? Because I've looked through the cards and the only one that does this is Rollick of Abandon . I'll cut the sword and jeskai charm, as you have made good points about those. Roast seems good, although it only targets creatures. I'm not afraid of any creatures fighting me, as I have plenty of ways to get rid of them. The reason I chose Lightning Helix is not only because it is somewhat good on damage, but also has lifegain, and on top of that can target whatever. But Shock to me seems utterly pointless. I think I'll get rid of Blazing Volley because my intention was to use it aagainst a large amount of 1/1's but I realized that my opponent will probably buff them immediately so that Blazing Volley will be useless unless I cast Rollick of Abandon . And it's kinda funny because the meter says it's 78% competitive. Is this meter a good indicator of such?

9-lives on Goad effects

6 months ago

Rollick of Abandon works perfectly. By the time I have The Akroan War on the battlefield, I will have 4 mana, which by step 2 I'll have 5 mana, which allows me to cast Rollick of Abandon . It doesn't require anyone to be attacking or blocking or controlled or whatever. Just augments strength and toughness of all creatures, which is exactly what they'll be using to kill themselves.

plakjekaas on Goad effects

6 months ago

Coordinated Assault , Invigorated Rampage , Nahiri's Stoneblades , and a few that care about attacking creatures, no matter who controls them, like Trumpet Blast , but you'd need to combo in combat, those won't work with The Akroan War .

But nothing that does it for all creatures your opponents control, as far as I could find.

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