Magma Opus

Magma Opus


Magma Opus deals 4 damage divided among any number of targets. Tap two target permanents. Create a 4/4 blue and red Elemental creature token. Draw two cards.

, Discard Magma Opus: Create a Treasure token.

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Magma Opus Discussion

BobBobBob3 on Jeskai Prismablade

3 months ago

Fablabthank you for your suggestions. Sorry that it took me a while to respond to your comment, i was taking a break from mtg until eldraine rotated out haha. Firstly, I want to say that i have created multiple variations of the list. This is the list, i am in the process of updating the primer to fit this list. Basically, Sublime Epiphany was underperforming so i cut it. Vorpal Sword is such an amazing replacement for Embercleave omfg. The downside is that it cant be played turn one, but we can definitely use treasures to cast it. I was thinking Wish could be another win con, stick a Magma Opus Alrund's Epiphany or even some removal or something. Xorn is also a potential body that acts like a weaker Goldspan Dragon. Additionally, in terms of potential changes, Expressive Iteration might be some good card advantage. now that the triomes are gone, one drops are more important as well. as for Hand of Vecna,that might be good, but i dont know how good it is without the other vecna pieces. Sorcerer Class has the new flashback looting in uw, as a better alternative, but that may be good. Inferno of the Star Mounts is a good win con, and mana sink, what remains to be seen is how it interacts with the new meta.and finally, Demilich is something i dont think would work very well, but if the deck ever gets a higher quantity of instants/sorceries i will reconsider. Thanks for your suggestions, and I think that since the deck could hold its own in standard with 7 sets, and we only lose 2 cards and some lands in rotation, the deck will be at great place after rotation.

carpecanum on Copysaurus

4 months ago

Or Spellbinder comes out for 3. The next turn you equip for 4, attack and cast Magma Opus every round for the rest of the game. But play your own game.

shadow63 on Looking for cards that have …

6 months ago

Its 7 mana so it's not worth it. But you want to use it I'd say Electrolyze , Arc Trail , Arc Lightning , Flameshot , and Magma Opus are your best options to use it with

Sorin_Markov_1947 on Prismari Spell Ramp

7 months ago

If you have a way to get expensive spells in the graveyard quickly and consistently, yes. I don't see that in the deck though, just Seize the Spoils discarding Magma Opus or Creative Outburst . So that's a three-card combo (Seize + Magma/Outburst + Draconic Intervention) to do a bit better than Storm's Wrath.

Probably just keep what you have.

RNR_Gaming on Top Cards From Strixhaven

7 months ago

Curious as to what everyone thinks about the new set both power wise and flavor wise. Just for fun rate your top 5 picks for the most powerful cards and top 5 picks for flavorful/favorite cards. Of course they can over lap.

Honorable mentions

All of the magecraft cards...cause we all know Chain of Smog is going to be a thing.

Plumb the Forbidden - aristocrats players are going to love this! However, I'm not sure what the floor is for this card; the ceiling is very high though.

Fervent Mastery - well 4 or 5 mana is a bit steep at sorcery speed but god dang that's a lot of value RNG aside.


(This isn't in any particular order)

1) Rushed Rebirth - it doesn't even have to be you own creature! I see this going into any Birthing Pod /Evolution deck that can run in aswell as just being a snap include in things like Meren and Muldrotha. Hell, any BG deck will probably want this if they're running creatures.

2) Galazeth Prismari - now I know some of you are thinking this is just a worse version or Urza but this dragon still has a strong bit. Having red in its' color identity opens us up to shenanigans with Dockside Extortionist . Also, it can break parity with cards like Winter Orb which I'm sure if you've played against that type of strategy you know how infuriating it is.

3) Beledros Witherbloom - essentially a "free" spell at the cost of 10 life. Makes token fodder for things like Contamination but it's that untap "all" lands you control once each turn that's got my gears turning. Now, I doubt it'll outclass frog but it definitely opens golgari up to some big mana ridiculousness. Honestly surprised canal coffers hasn't spiked.

4) Ecological Appreciation - card is just value town city but we already have other similar cards that don't see much play. This just looks very breakable.

5) Solve the Equation - it's a tutor!

Favorite Cards

1) ink sheild - I love the art and love that it's a proactive fog! I hope for more cards like this in the future.

2) Yedora, Grave Gardener - they just keep printing cool things to verse 5 for, for Yisan. Granted I think this belongs in the 99 of decks that can blink lands but it's a very cool design space.

3) Rushed Rebirth - I just think this card will set up some really interesting plays

4) Shadrix Silversquall - so one of my favorite play styles in casual is king maker and the alternate art is just awesome

5) Magma Opus - obviously not a fan of this in commander but I can see this being super busted in a pioneer deck with fat caster mage - Torrential Gearhulk even though pioneer is dead at my lgs :( still think it'd be a lot of fun.

ChrisHansonBiomancin on Song of Dragons

7 months ago

Nice ok, I like Draconic Intervention a lot here, from playtesting mine it kind of feels like it wants a wipe but also plays a decent number of creatures, so if you can figure out a way to just wipe your opponent's board that seems pretty solid. However you'll need some expensive spells to make that work. Maybe you could try something like Boon of the Wish-Giver which has a cheap cycling and high CMC, and/or you could go with the treasure token cards from strixhaven like Magma Opus or Creative Outburst .

I actually like Terror of the Peaks a lot too since you will have plenty of mana to throw him down and follow up with another spell or two, and if he lasts even a turn with Song out providing a chain of creatures it's probably gg.

Some of the protection spells here seem a little awkward for a Song deck since you have to discard your hand and don't get much more than a trigger out of playing them proactively. Saw It Coming is probably the best route since you can store it out of your hand. Also not really seeing any Yorion interactions here.

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