Release the Gremlins

Release the Gremlins


Destroy X target artifacts. Create X 2/2 red Gremlin creature tokens.

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Release the Gremlins Discussion

sergiodelrio on How does one interpret "and/or" …

6 days ago

The answere lies not in the and/or formulation.

Notice how Ghostly Flicker lists: 2x (x, y and/or z) - the number is in front of the list.

Compare to Kaalia: (You may reveal AN Angel card, A Demon card, and/or A Dragon card from among them and put them into your hand.)

That formulation has a (admittedly somewhat hidden) number in front of each element of the list.

That's why Ghostly flicker ends up picking a total of two while Kaalia ends up picking a total of 3 (if possible).

It might become more clear to you when comparing Mass Manipulation and Heliod's Intervention to Release the Gremlins

BrassLord on Need Two Stax Swap Cards …

1 month ago

I seemed to have stumbled on a bit of an argument. I'm sorry it took that kind of turn! RambIe actually made some decent points and recommendations, though admittedly they probably could have been delivered better on both your end and theirs. I think part of the confusion is the whole "highest level" part. There are a couple of really good cEDH Godo primers out there. Waiting for Godo - cEDH primer seems to be generally considered a really good starting point. You both nailed the point that the two strats are either going all in "glass cannon" count to 11, or a more resilient sort of one with stax pieces. While I like the idea of swapping around pieces to shift from one strategy to another, I do think your deck may struggle to play at the most optimal without further changes to accommodate for either strat. Also Godo kind of fits into a niche in cEDH and feels very meta dependent. I've played Godo off and on and at different competitive levels for a while, in my experience, Godo actually holds up fairly well in a meta full of stax pieces. There's really only a few pieces out that you have to watch out for, and your deck already runs a lot of the necessary removal to answer those threats. Even in combo heavy meta, Godo still has a place for being a consistent turn 3 win or earlier. If you play in a meta with a lot of counterspells, part of it is knowing if/when to go for the Godo Helm combo, which is something that comes down to your own decisions and only gets better with playing the deck in games. Also, I wouldn't discount Wheel kind of effects. Yes, it can refill your opponents hand with potential answers, but as mentioned before, there are a plethora of answers that you can include in the list to accommodate for this. I typically view it as a really bad version of Ad Nauseam, giving you that last bit of gas to close out the game or get critical mass of interaction. I also would say that wheels wouldn't be super great in the way the deck currently stands, not a whole lot of ritual one off effects.(though it could maybe work with your take extra turn spells? I'd have to playtest more lol).

Specific recommendations for your swaps... Palladium Myr and/or Brass Squire. Love both these cards, only reason is they're probably the most weak activated abilities in your current build, if your gameplan is to run the stacx pieces.

Also maybe Release the Gremlins, you got a lot of artifact removal in there to slow down opponents mana

For general stuff to consider...

Cursed Mirror does two fold in a Godo deck, Ramp and decrease overall cost of the magical 11mana count for the helm combo. Urza's Saga is a decent land that can fetch any relevant artifacts. Karn, the Great Creator gives you access to exiled helms should it be targeted with removal, and is an overall decent enough stax piece, though at 4 mana it's maybe a bit too steep as to what you're looking for. Also, Chalice of the Void can be a pretty versatile stax piece/protection. at 2 it stops a lot of formats counters, but probably best at one, where it stops swords to plowshares, natures claim etc.

Hope those help! All in all, I think a modular Godo deck is an interesting idea! I would ask you to look at the recommendations given before in a vacuum without taking it too personal. In your own playtesting, try to address the main concerns/weaknesses mentioned above (without even having to argue or mention stuff in the comments section. The aim is to get better and to learn, even if you disagree with some random person on the internet lol. Take recommendations with a grain of salt and just be receptive to criticism). Opinions and suggestions don't hinder what you are actually allowed to play, they're just ideas to get you thinking about when trying to make your deck better. Play the game how you want. Good luck playtesting!

DrukenReaps on is casual Kess a thing?

1 year ago

I've not actually seen a Kess deck in the wild so I can't say what the power level of any of my suggestions will be but they are certainly not cEDH level.

First idea that always kinda interested me is Kess Tokens. It'll use Goblinslide, Release the Gremlins, Metallurgic Summonings, Brudiclad, Telchor Engineer, and more found here

Second idea is removal "tribal". Just every removal spell you can possibly include. One win-con might be Rise of the Dark Realms.

There seem like quite a few options if you take a look at the themes section on EDHrec. Her page.

BioProfDude on Death by Robots (Mardu Gearhulk Reanimator)

1 year ago

Oh, it's also worth noting that Release the Gremlins and By Force are interesting cards that might be good for the sideboard, in case you're looking for the flexibility to destroy artifacts. Disenchant might also be good for that. (thinking of the flexibility of Bedevil without the double black in the casting cost)

Unlicensed Disintegration might also be a good addition, given that you have artifacts in this deck!

lucasenra on Ral Zarek

2 years ago

(saw your post on tumblr and had to come and suggest stuff, but feel free to ignore, I'm just trying to throw some ideas out to help out!)

I think counterspells aren't very good as signature spells (but I don't have much experience with Oathbreaker). If you're going for flavor I think Expansion / Explosion , Izzet Charm or Turn//Burn could work. (It could also be fun to build a Harnessed Lightning energy-themed deck for Ral, Storm Conduit :x)

I think that instead of running a lot of creatures with tap (or untap) abilities it would be easier to focus on artifacts for the ramp/card draw/etc with cards like Clock of Omens , Key to the City , Staff of Nin (), Unwinding Clock , Chaos Wand , Oracle's Vault () and a bunch of mana rocks ( Mind Stone , Pyramid of the Pantheon (), Coalition Relic (), Talisman of Creativity , Star Compass , Hedron Archive , Basalt Monolith and Khalni Gem ). Animation Module can add counters to planeswalkers, so that could be fun too.

Invert / Invent and Firemind's Foresight are pretty good budget tutors. Fabricate and the Trophy Mage / Tribute Mage s could be good too.

Ensnare can be a lifesaver in certain situations. Blustersquall is something I thought I would already see in your list.

Temporal Distortion makes things take 1 extra turn to untap. Frozen AEther , Winter Orb and Mist of Stagnation are other relevant Stax pieces if you want to go that way.

Reality Shift is probably the best creature single target removal in blue.

I'd cut down on the number of X damage spells you're running and rely more on having some graveyard recursion/tutoring to make it more consistent. Mystic Retrieval would be my choice to run along with Archeomancer. Mizzix's Mastery is also pretty good, but probably better if you're focusing on spellslinging.

Vandalblast and Shenanigans (or maybe Release the Gremlins for the cuteness) are good artifact removal. Geistblast is a interesting Flashback spell that actually should be like Amonkhet's Aftermath. Insidious Will 's versatility shouldn't be underestimated.

(aaand I already suggested too much. Like I said, feel free to ignore. Can't wait to see the finished deck. I hope something from this mess helps!)

Free_Iona on Adeliz Louis Armstrong muscle wizard beatdown

2 years ago

Since you've got a token theme going on here, would Release the Gremlins be a better fit than By Force ? also, Vandalize is a good artifact removal spell regardless.

I think Dragonshift will be amazing for turning all those wizards into flying 4/4 dragons and could potentially be a big game-winner.

Great deck! +1

Free_Iona on Weenie Tokens

2 years ago

Great concept for the deck. Really like it. Having access to Red and Blue is a huge boon outside of your usual W/G white weenies token armies. Having said that I think there are a few cards you can add (on a budget, too) to give yourself more tokens with which to punch through.

Release the Gremlins is a good wipe and gives you tokens. Red also has Devils' Playground and Revel of the Fallen God . You also need a good finisher. Craterhoof Behemoth is ideal, but End-Raze Forerunners and/or Decimator of the Provinces works equally well. Trostani Discordant is also amazing for you. As is Storm Herd . All in all, I think this is a great idea on it's way to greatness.


Free_Iona on How should Gruul break stax?

2 years ago

Decimate will be a great addition. How about Creeping Corrosion for artifacts, to go along with Vandalblast . Release the Gremlins does much of the same but you can sink the mana in and get some 2/2s for it too, but the lower cost cards will be more competitive.

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