My super glass cannon of the glass cannon general Kaalia of the Vast . The goal is to kill one opponent off quickly and then hope an army of bombs will be enough to kill everyone else off.

Early game is setting up a good mana base, cast Kaalia of the Vast then sneak bombs!

Late game is play bombs and attack!

For my edh decks I go with a build as you collect plan, meaning I won't go out of my way to find the cards I want, I'll instead wait for the opportunity arises and the trade isn't too difficult, quite a few of the good cards are from trades when a standard card is overpriced or when I run into a casual player who's willing to trade a goodie for a large pile of dollar bin rares!

Also I've decided that when I run into card options when adjusting my edh decks that I will opt to not run a card that is very strong in the current standard if there is another card that is about just as great as that card for edh.

hmm Honestly over the years they've been printing some sweet dragons, it's kind of interesting to see that battle of the 3 tribes in this deck that started off mostly angels with dragons being just a few.


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Got almost everything I wanted for the deck from Gatecrash.

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