*Primer is still under construction Have you ever wanted to shut your brain off and clap people at the same time? Have you ever wanted to win super fast while generating obscene amounts of mana? Have you ever wanted to be the target of your playgroup? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this is the deck for you!

This deck is a pretty standard high-powered elf-ball deck. It focuses on ramping super fast from turns 1-4ish, and then curb-stomping your opponents. While this deck at its most basic doesn't require a huge amount of effort to pilot, there is still a fair amount of skill involved in playing this deck as fast and efficient as possible. Quick disclaimer though, while this deck is quite high-powered, it isn't cEDH and it isn't built with cEDH decks in mind.
Ramp. Ramp as fast and as hard as you possibly can. Aggressively mulligan until you hit one of Elvish Archdruid, Marwyn, the Nurturer, Priest of Titania, or Circle of Dreams Druid, as well as some form of 1-drop mana source. Ideal turn 1-2 is land, elvish mystic (or some variation), and then land, priest of titania (or some variation). Once you do this, you want to run out Ezuri, as he provides protection for your ramp pieces. being able to regenerate your elves whenever you want is super useful, and often ezuri will take the brunt of the removal spells, helping keep your elves alive as well. After this, you want to keep ramping and playing elves. Use green sun's zenith liberally, tutoring for whatever you need, as it does shuffle back into your library, and there is a lot of card draw, so you'll probably see it again.
The mid-game (and endgame) for this deck happens around turns 4-6. Once you spend the first three turns ramping as fast as possible, turn 4 should be setting up board state or drawing as many cards as you can. Do this by playing cards likeBeast Whisperer, Regal Force, or Kindred Summons. to end the game you want to be able to go infinite with Staff of Domination, or playing craterhoof/triumph of the hordes.
this deck is very light on interaction. It runs just enough to be able to deal with that annoying card blocking your route to victory, but not nearly enough to try and deal with every threat. Cards like Beast Within, Krosan Grip, and Song of the Dryads can deal with annoying creatures or other permanents and help you win. However, these cards should only be used as a last resort, or in an attempt to make deals with people. Unless another player is so much of a threat you will lose within the next two turns, do not use them. Focus on building up your own board, and then use them later. The deck is not built to fight a drawn-out guerilla battle, so you should try and end the game asap, opting for player removal instead of creature/permanent removal.
Try and make as many deals as possible early game. You know that you're probably winning t4-6, so try and keep yourself alive and unmessed with until you're too much of a threat to stop. Also, don't just dump your hand if you don't have a good source of card draw/can't cast Ezuri. Getting Ezuri out early is very very important as he protects your important elves from a lot of removal.
As said before, this deck is very fast, usually winning on turn 4-6. This deck also functions really well against pretty much any other deck. It works especially well against decks that require a few extra turns to stabilize, or decks that focus more on removal rather than interaction. You usually overwhelm your opponents with the sheer strength of so may elves.
This deck struggles in 1v1 games. It is built with a 3-4 person playgroup in mind, so it is very light on interaction with other peoples stuff besides a few cards. This deck also runs out of gas really fast unless you have a Shamanic Revelation type effect. If possible, try and mulligan to a hand that includes one of these effects


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