When the aristocrats catch a cold the poor die of pneumonia.

The crown jewel has been split in two, the stability of the monarchy is at risk. Queen Marchesa rules with the powers granted by the kingdom with its wisdom and weaponry. Ayara is consumed by external powers, making deals to monstrous machines which devour all those before it. Key pawns have infiltrated The kingdom for information; double agents play both sides for personal gain during the power struggle. Ayara’s rogue following capture and seduce the weak into a war for the monarchy they don’t often return from.

This was also a practice of cost savings. I own a number of high value black spells for Queen Marchesa and her aristocratic potential. These cards felt needed for the two themes to be successful in one deck.

Group Slug is an often overlooked strategy, and I didn’t know that this deck would turn into one when I took interest in Ayara.

This deck was born out of my Wicked Witch of the West deck, my original EDH basher. The captain, Queen Marchesa and the other 99 are agents of chao, aggro battle cruising dominating the ground, and drawing hate along the way. Her assassins make it difficult for retaliation and are later forced into a sac outlet as needed.

Ayara, First of Locthwain nearly became an addition but her 3 Swamp cost made it difficult to play her effectively. With the two so similar in flavor I settled on giving the Elf Noble Ayara her own evil underworld.


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