This deck is designed to both fill your graveyard and hand while getting a land advantage over your opponent. The endless value once Yarok, the Desecrated hits the battlefield provides gamebreaking combos used to pick your opponents apart and end the game for everyone.

You play this to see the look on people's face when they realize you can cast something like Counterspell, Cyclonic Rift, or Putrefy over and over in response to everything, and then you win without attacking them.

This combo literally ends the game. For everyone. And you get to choose how it goes down. This is the ideal loop you are going for, but by no means is it the only way to play. By filtering through your library so much and having ease of access with your graveyard you can reliably set up this value train and run it over your opponents.

Piece A

Yarok, the Desecrated: The commander, obviously. The whole deck is centered around it's ability, and by doubling your ETB abilities you get unfair amounts of value and outpace everyone.

Piece B

Ghostly Flicker or Displace: Your flicker function to get 4 total triggers for the price of 3 mana. Having the ability to target lands and artifacts in addition to creatures opens all kinds of avenues of attack.

Piece C

Archaeomancer, Eternal Witness or Timeless Witness: Allows you to put two cards from your graveyard back in your hand, make one of them the flicker spell. You regain the ability to flicker two permanents, and you put another card from your full graveyard into your hand to maintain board control.

Piece D

Use control/removal/self-mill/draw ETB abilities to survive and look for a game ending card to end up in your hand or the yard. Peregrine Drake gives infinite mana and let's the following cards close out the game. In order of least to most offensive:

Cards to get extra uses out of your ETB effects, and to disrupt targeted removal or make your opponent feel like it hurt them more to remove your creature when you just bring it back.

Make copies of any creature, or trigger a non combat winc with Biovisionary. These are good ways to get even more value out of the nasty abilities the other creatures have, or sometimes borrow from your opponent if they have a good one.

Rather than just having shapeshifters become copies, play your opponents actual deck against them. One of the fastest ways to get under someone's skin.

Massacre Wurm + targetable shapeshifter + Ghostly Flicker/Displace + Orvar, the All-Form = All opponents creatures get -16/-16, and each opponent loses (up to) 6 life per creature that dies. Massacre Wurm's ability goes on the stack, doubled by Yarok, for -4/-4. Before it resolves you play Displace/Ghostly Flicker targeting a valid shapeshifter and Wurm, which triggers Orvar to put out a copy of the Wurm, giving -4/-4 and fully resolving before the bounce card exiles the targets. All opponents creatures with toughness 4 or less die and it hurts them for 4 life for each creature because you have two Wurms on the field. The bounce card resolves and you can have the shapeshifter enter as a copy of the copy Wurm, putting four more triggers on the stack for -12/-12 when those triggers resolve plus the -4/-4 from the copy token trigger for -16/-16 total. Any creature that dies from this results in 6 life lost each because you have 3 Wurms in play.

Dauthi Voidwalker + Progenitor Mimic = free casts of the exiled cards that go right back to voided exile after resolving.

Dinrova Horror can be used to remove all of your opponents lands. Not that you'd ever do that....

Step Through has 6 targets for the wizardcycling ability depending on the situation. Archaeomancer sets up the main combo and puts the card back in your hand to cycle again to pull another wizard. Cloudkin Seer draws you cards and is an elemental to trigger Risen Reef for more cards. Sower of Temptation to steal commanders or other important creatures, also gums up reanimator decks by keeping targets out of the graveyard. Biovisionary for an alternate win condition. Orvar, the All-Form and Moritte of the Frost can also be pulled with it, helping with that. All of these creatures can also be bounced with Riptide Laboratory.

Eternal Witness/Timeless Witness + Persist = return that creature plus three other cards from your graveyard to your hand. Target a Witness with Persist, it enters the battlefield and dies from the counter so its able to target itself with its own ability. Play it again from your hand to return two more cards, make one of them Persist to do it again if your opponent uses removal.

Saw in Half one of your zombies for big life loss. Geralf's Messenger returns with its Undying trigger giving you 12 damage to dish out. Gray Merchant of Asphodel adds both of their two black devotion to their triggers, starting them at 10 damage each with just Yarok out. Minimum 20 damage to each opponent and you gain all that life to your total. All for three mana. Not bad.


Updates Add

Massive pulls from CMM helped out a few of my decks, and Yarok got some nice additions from the rotation of cards. - Jeweled Lotus - Thran Dynamo - Tireless Provisioner - Urza's Saga - Hostage Taker

The Lotus coming in made it reasonable to have Urza's finally because it gave it a second target for the third ability. Dynamo and Provisioner add some more mana ramp to help reach critical mass faster. Hostage Taker is another cheap way to harass opponents and get around indestructible.

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