There aren't a lot of ways to play the big sea beasts, but octopuses, krakens, and serpents still make for fun, diverse threats.

I've been looking good a way to play Quicken , since giving a sorcery Flash is neat, and Crush of Tentacles is about as good as you can do on mono blue. Crush needs cheap spells to Surge, so cantrips are the obvious choice, and those fill the graveyard so Cryptic Serpent is a complimentary addition.

All the card draw from the cantrips sets up Ominous Seas and Nadir Kraken . Faerie Seer helps with consistency and also provides a flying body for Sea-Dasher Octopus to mutate onto for more potential card draw. Finally, Startling Development can pump one of these two in a pinch, and is also just a fun, flavorful card.

Drop a comment/suggestion if you have one. Drop a like if you like.

edit: It's a recession, so I cut Day's Undoing to push the budget lower. I think this is more wacky/fun anyways.


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