She is totally not busted. Being able to cheat out protection, Boardwipes and just you know casual 15/15's...

My land count is low yet often times it doesnt mean much as your opening hand is mainly ramp. I found my mana base being consistent yet there are a few games where it could do with 1 or 2 more lands.

Powerhouse COMBO's: Ancient Gold Dragon + Mirror Entity. Imagine rolling a D20, getting 16 Fairy tokens, which is pretty broken itself just for you then to turn them all into eggs and getting 16 new GIANT creatures. Whoopsies. Apex Altisaur and Avacyn, Angel of Hope Just a cheeky one sided creature boardwipe :)) Pathbreaker Ibex and Worldspine Wurm which would grow all your creatures +15 every time you attack. Ghalta and Mavren and Worldspine Wurm, these cards allow you to make giant 15/15 dinosaurs every combat step.

I love this deck and any advice is welcome! Im looking for a decent measure of efficiency. I dont enjoy tutors as they often make things too easy yet I have Congregation at Dawn which often lets me close out games if need be! Hope you enjoy seeing it :)

PS: the large sideboard is due to me liking switching some creatures out to make things interesting and keep it all fresh.


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