Land — Desert

: Gain .

: Desert deals 1 damage to target attacking creature. Play this ability only during the end of combat step.

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Desert Discussion

nathanielhebert on Starfish Tribal? How is that even possible?!?

1 week ago

Starfish FTW! Just a random thought — maybe adding some stinging lands like Desert so you have another outlet to kill you Spiny Starfish .

Flooremoji on

2 months ago

Hypothesizzle , Rolling Thunder , Grixis Panorama , Wayfarer's Bauble and Warped Landscape are all pretty bad.

I'd reccomend Fire Prophecy , Compulsive Research , Snow-Covered Island and Volatile Fjord in their place.

I also wouldn't be playing Desert in a deck with so many color requirements, it could probably be replaced with another snow land.

Most of your colorless rocks also don't seem that great with nothing to accelerate into, I'd probably cut at least Thought Vessel , Ur-Golem's Eye , and Sisay's Ring since you have so few cards that actually require 2 or more generic mana, and extra hand size is irrelevant most games. Mind Stone would be better, but I still don't know if it would be very good anyway.

You could use many more pieces to make your combo more consistent, including but not limited to: Displace , Izzet Chronarch , Mnemonic Wall , Scrivener , and Salvager of Secrets . Maybe not all of them though.

You are still missing some of the better cantrips, ( Gitaxian Probe , Brainstorm , etc.) so if you end up with more room I'd reccomend adding those.

Good luck with your boring deck! :P

Deasert_Nomads_be_godly on :(

5 months ago

Ok so you use Desert Nomads with a Desert give them control of it with Harmless Offering or Bazaar Trader then buff and you have a desert walk big boy. people won't see it coming also this is NOT a competitive deck it is a fun combo. Some people don't seem to understand that :(

medozzz on Error 404 Library not found

5 months ago

Hi, I had some ideas regarding your lands: You are in mono colors so you can afford more utility lands. The mentioned strip mine effects are really cool interactions and they help for your landfall as well with Ruin Crab and Hedron Crab. Similarly, you can add Castle Vantress if it is in the budget. And I really like Myriad Landscape. It both ramps and triggers landfall. You can add Fabled Passage as well if you have one lying around and not needed to other decks of yours. I love Zhalfirin Void as a scryland which comes into play untapped. Maybe you can use as well the other two blue cycling lands Desert of the Mindful and Remote Isle. The cycling lands make your deck slower which may be worth it maybe not.

In the mill theme, a nice final bow without any cost is Ipnu Rivulet. If you want to go to the dessert direction you can add Desert, Sunscorched Desert, and Endless Sands. The latter is especially good because it can protect your commander.

Lands ara cool resources which can help you out if everything else fails.

carpecanum on Fear is the Mind-Killer | Dune | The Bene Gesserit

8 months ago

Desert maybe? Willbreaker could be a Bene Gesserit and thats a pretty thematic combo. Using the attack against you to tap the desert to take the creature attacking.

Hiring a Facedancer could be pretty much any Clone type of even a Ninja.

SynergyBuild on None

8 months ago

For recursive lands: Mystic Sanctuary (Dumb Good), Witch's Cottage, Mortuary Mire all work once, but with flickerable effects it's all fine, and you can sacrifice Buried Ruin, Petrified Field, Sequestered Stash. Hall of Heliod's Generosity/Academy Ruins are insane in the right decks, and Emeria, The Sky Ruin is busted in the late game. Mistveil Plains sort of works as recursion, and is repeatable, but is best with tutors and tutor chains. Even Unholy Grotto works amazingly in zombie decks!

(Nonbudget versions would be like Volrath's Stronghold)

Some other draw engines I didn't mention prior are Sea Gate Wreckage, Throne of the High City, Grim Backwoods, and sort of Desolate Lighthouse.

Some tutors like Tolaria West that MagicMarc mentioned would be Inventors' Fair, and Sanctum of Ugin.

Removal is plentiful on lands, but pretty specific. Blast Zone is a favorite of mine, and is dumb good. Ghost Quarter, Field of Ruin, Dust Bowl, Encroaching Wastes, Memorial to War, and Tectonic Edge all deal with lands. Arena, Barbarian Ring, Blighted Gorge, Cabal Pit, Desert, Keldon Megaliths, Keldon Necropolis, Mouth of Ronom, Rath's Edge, Grasping Dunes, Ifnir Deadlands, and Quicksand are good against creatures, and some walkers.

ArfiGames on Jund dinosaurs

9 months ago

Looks quite good! I’ve got this, though I don’t play Dinos much in Modern I did start there and am still happy to play them in that format.

Dinosaur Hub/Primer would even be good in general to maybe spark some inspiration etc.

Some of my favourite picks from Modern for in a Dino deck are Desert (Enrage triggers, light removal etc) and Fire Whip (Same sort of idea).

I tend to use 4 Ranging Raptors and 4 Ripjaw Raptor In my lists so I do get many opportunities to ping with those two cards.

Goldenhawk on Gruul Enrageasaurs

1 year ago

Thank you ArfiGames for the suggestions.

I think Desert would introduce too much inconsistency due to the requirements of Utopia Sprawl and Arbor Elf. In addition to this, I do not see the ability of the land being beneficial enough to introduce into the deck. Regardless though, thank you for that suggestion!

However, Fire Whip is a different story... to the point where I think it would fit perfectly within my deck, with the only issue being what to remove for them. Being able to ping an enrage creature of my own on two separate occasions allows the existing Ripjaw Raptor to draw myself two cards. May reintroduce Ranging Raptors due to the Fire Whip card, as it'll allow me to place two extra lands per turn. I see it as a Wrenn and Six with the ability to deal two damage in separate occasions within one turn, assuming it's sacrificed. Certainly a card I am going to consider, thank you for this.

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