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Urza, Lord High Artificer cEDH *Primer*

Commander / EDH Artifact Combo Competitive Mono-Blue Primer Stax


Hey there!! Here to bring you cEDH Urza!!

Our primary goal is to assemble infinite mana for Urza's activated ability to exile our library and cast all our non land spells. From here we can find any number of ways to close the game out with access to cast our deck for free.

How we will get there is with a suite of both stax elements that can be abused with Urza's mana ability to tap certain artifacts to make the asymmetrical for our advantage and put us ahead while we use our second suite of artifact/instant and sorcery tutors to assemble a way to generate infinite mana or to draw our deck.

Once you have achieved infinite mana/draw, you can then use you Paradox/Scepter engine as an outlet for endgame options:

So we say infinite spellcasting a few times but how does that achieve a win when we dont really have storm cards in the deck? Well by looping certain cards we can create infinite swans with Swan Song targeting a spell of ours and then Time Twisting the Swan Song and spell we countered with it back to deck to draw it again with a draw engine, Codex Shredding the card:Time Twister, and the rinse and repeat for infinite Swans to beat down after a turn cycle. The same can be done with Winds of Rebuke to infinitely bounce and mill.

If you're on a budget and cant afford the higher end cards like Timetwister or The Tabernacle at Pendrell Vale then here are a few budget list for you to stay in the cEDH powerlevel without the excessive high cost. Now be forewarned: these are still relatively expensive...but nowhere near the $10k range that this list is at. We are going for cEDH in terms of power level.


Updates Add

The feedback so far has been very helpful! I've been doing some further testing and it was difficult to do, but I've made 3 cuts and 3 adds:


  • Capsize

  • Tribute Mage

  • Mishra's Bauble


  • Jeweled Amulet

  • Jace, Wielder of Mysteries

  • Laboratory Maniac

The swap from the Amulet to the Bauble was made because we can cash in the Bauble to cantrip later on and both serve as a Mox Sapphire when Urza is in play.

Now I'll probably get alot of backlash for this one but I've cut the Lab Man/Jace line package because I found that while yes it can win the game once you go infinite, they were just dead draws whenever I drew them. They did nothing in my hand when I needed either action/protection/or a tutor or a combo piece. Which ended up slowing me down. I figured once we go infinite we are already winning so we didnt need win more cards that sat dead in our hands.

Capsize (while traditionally not very good in cEDH) serves as a win condition with infinite mana and a Trinisphere on board which makes it VERY hard for our opponents to come back from and at the very least serves as our weakest form of spot removal at 3 cmc, which is medium but the card synergizes with one of our main pieces of stax in the deck alongside our commander.

Tribute Mage is a cheap tutor for our Isochron Scepter, the more redundant copies of that the better (also grabs Grim Monolith for if we already have Power Artifact in hand or a Winter Orb of we need to slow down the board).

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