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Uril, the Enraged (Turn 2 Uril EDH)

Commander / EDH*


This is a fast paced Uril EDH deck. Uril is regularly out withing turn 3-4 or turn 2 if you have a good hand. You should be able to kill somebody in turn 5-6 (or turn 3 if Uril came out turn 2 and had good draws). This deck is made for a fast paced 4man FFA EDH. Its been extensively played against all colors, specially Blue and Black. This deck might not guarantee you a win, but it will make you a force to be reckoned with.

There is an infinite attack combo with Aggravated Assault that can be unlocked with either Bear Umbra, Sword of Feast and Famine, or with an infinite mana combo of Phyrexian Altar + Karmic Guide + Reveillark. People usually make the mistake of ignoring you when Uril is in the commander zone or has been sent to the bottom of the deck with a Hinder. But the great thing about this combo is that it doesn't depend on Uril. You can set up the combo without Uril and then surprise your opponents by executing it with a Birds of Paradise (Which I have done a couple of times when I ran it).

Each Aura is carefully chosen for its efficiency. For example, some Uril EDH decks contain Eldrazi Conscription, which pumps Uril's power to 17. Clearly not enough to kill somebody in 1 swing. But for 8 mana, I can cast Battle Mastery, Blessing of the Nephilim , Shield of the Oversoul, and Rancor, which not only gives me more than enough power to kill an opponent, but it also lets me protect Uril from mass destruction spells. I understand that you would need all of those cards in your hand and that Eldrazi Conscription is just 1 card, but with just Battle Mastery and a cheap enchantment that gives you +2 power you can kill an opponent in 1 swing and still have enough mana for emergencies.

Fecundity is used for a massive draw combo that includes Phyrexian Altar, Karmic Guide, and Reveillark. Not only will you have an "infinite" draw engine, you will also have infinite mana. Once this combo is out, you may cast Uril from the Commander Zone and win on the same turn by casting Instill Energy and the infinite attack combo.

Realm Razor is nice to play when Uril is buffed up. Make all the lands disappear and watch the other players panic while they find a way to destroy Uril (who should be able to kill people in one swing) with no mana.

Spinerock Knoll & Mosswort Bridge are great lands for this deck, but I don't recommend Windbrisk Heights since it is very rare to attack with more than 1 creature in this deck.

You will need to get used to dealing with mass destruction and mass bounce spells when using this deck. Uril is a tough creature to get rid of, and people tend to get desperate when Uril is an unblock-able creature that can kill in 1 swing. For those situations I have Grand Abolisher so that my turn is sacred (mass bounce spells are the hardest to deal with). For mass destruction spells there are a couple of cards here that can help like Avacyn, Angel of Hope, Faith's Reward, and any other card that can give Uril indestructibility. Faith's Reward is really fun to use. There is nothing like seeing an opponent using his last resort mass destruction (any other spell that sends your permanents into the graveyard) in order to subdue Uril's Rage only to be thwarted by Faith's Reward. Now he has to deal with an enraged Uril with probably no permanents.

I also run Tajuru Preserver and Sigarda, Host of Herons in order to protect Uril from sacrifice effects.

Gisela, Blade of Goldnight is a great creature since not only does its ability stack with Double Strike, it also renders the Mikaeus, the Unhallowed/Triskelion combo obsolete.

And yes, I do own all of these cards. This isn't a fantasy deck which I have made in the hopes of one day owning it. It's a pretty expensive deck and as I said, it won't guarantee you a win (if you want to win then play Black and/or Blue), but it is a force to be reckoned with (I've killed people in turn 3) and it does have it's wins.

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