This was my very first EDH deck, and it still holds a special place in my heart. As the order processes for the last cards I need, I muse back on what led me to make this deck...

Kidding. I'm just writing this cause... I feel like it. Anyway, I want to explain a few things.

1- Why did I make this deck?

A: Well, I was bored and had a Jhoira floating around, so here it is.

2- Why the name?

A: Well, in my youth I watched the Transformers cartoons, and the original cartoon movie. In it, the main villain is this enormous, planet-eating menace named Unicron. And I thought, you know what? That's just like Eldrazi. A little Latin pun (chronos = time) and I felt good about this deck.

3- Why EDH?

Because it's fun.

The strategy is classic Jhoira- Eldrazi, land eating, and suspension tricks. The goal is to suspend a bruiser like kozilek and then a complete boardwipe such as Obliterate, Jokulhaups, or Decree of Annihilation. However, this deck also runs a nice complement of draw spells, to ensure card advantage, something that Jhoira decks typically struggle with. It also has a side strategy of storm with cheap instants and sorceries.


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