Hippos matter deck that is tagged as a grouphug deck, but is really a political multiplayer deck. Use pheld's abilities to help certain players and shift people's threat assessment around until you take a win in...or just flample on over for commander damage. Have fun and enjoy the hippo win conditions.

HIPPO CONS: Angel's Trumpet doesn't care if the creature is summoning sick or not, you can deal damage by making hippos. Crown of Doom large hippos. Dingus Staff will work wonders in the face of field wipes + hippos. Authority of the Consuls not a wincon, but a sweet card, make a hippo gain a life. Mantle of Leadership . Pheld gives himself trample + flying and mantle of leadership with a few hippos becomes quite scary. Primal Vigor double hippos + Ezuri's Predation or Beck / Call . Flurry of Wings will make a bunch of flyers per hippo Arachnogenesis would also be sweet. Illusionist's Gambit make all those hippo kill someone. Reins of Power use those hippos to kill someone. Biomantic Mastery can draw most of the deck, I just don't like labman wins but infinite hippos isn't very hard, making drawing your deck easy keep drawing based on hippos with Borrowing 100,000 Arrows and Theft of Dreams .

DECK CONCEPT: bounce around the enemies aggro and create alliances w/ hippos. I have 40 hippo tokens, and i usually run out w/ this current build. Someone will die to these hippos, that person who has the hippos will die to commander damage, or other hippo cons. For the love of large semiaquatic creatures, don't give multiple people hippos, or else they won't attack as freely but by the time you are setup so is someone else. Make that someone else the archenemy against the hippo legion.

PHELD: Don't play him until you trust he can survive until your upkeep, or have 5 mana, the 5th being a blue. Continue to maintain at least one blue mana up (I tend to leave 2 blue, just in case someone gets tricky w/ the stack), the deck is built to hold copious amounts of mana up to produce all the hippos, use your colors wisely. The lifegain feature of pheld to give him flying can be used to mitigate some hate, as he punches an opponent's face or just keep people alive. Instant speed hippo blockers can kill creatures, as well as set up powerful attacks against a common enemy.

Cute combos: Beck / Call with Primal Vigor and or Ezuri's Predation . Forgotten Ancient + Primal Vigor . Nullmage Advocate and the other 2 make fantastic bits of removal, return your opponent's removal so that they use it against communal threats. Seedborn Muse + pheld = soooo many hippos... Suture Priest . Path of Ancestry works well, if you bounce pheld to protect him you get to recast him and get a free scry, Leyline of Anticipation means you can bounce and recast at instant speed.

ALLSTARS: Crown of Doom is my favorite, I love making my opponents bicker among each other as I make 3/1 hippos to suit my fancy. Chromatic Lantern makes every land into hippo mana, along with sneaky flying and bounce potential; this deck functions well because it can use every drop of it's mana, the lantern makes it that much more efficient. The advocates..seriously get some.


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