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This is my attempt to make a high-power deck that can compete with others of a similar power level, in a fringe cEDH setting.

The goal of the deck is to obtain infinite mana and blast the table with a Walking Ballista as it is a creature that is easy to tutor for in green with cards like Summoner's Pact, Uncage the Menagerie, and Worldly Tutor. It is important to get it into your hand and not directly into play, because of XX mana cost it would die if sent straight to the battlefield. The deck has lots of "pumps" and "untaps" to help our Mother achieve victory at a very quick pace if uninterrupted.

One example of infinite mana is the Temur Sabertooth + Wirewood Symbiote combo, I currently have Tooth and Nail to get both of the pieces at once, and have added alternative fetches in Weird Harvest and Shared Summons. Other infinite mana combos in the deck are an elf that taps for three green such as (Marwyn, the Nurturer, Elvish Archdruid, Selvala, Heart of the Wilds, or Priest of Titania and Umbral Mantle; or any of the elves that were just mentioned and tapping them for five mana with Staff of Domination already on the battlefield. Once you have infinite mana there are many ways one can achieve victory. I have included many tutors in the deck to obtain all of the items you need consistently as well as a number of ways to draw a ridiculous amount of cards based off of creature power. We also need ways of keeping our pieces protected from all of the various forms of removal; Veil of Summer, Vines of Vastwood, Blossoming Defense, and Heroic Intervention are very strong choices. Finally, there is the alternate wincon through large amounts of combat damage with Finale of Devastation and Craterhoof Behemoth if all of our other plays have previously failed.

Special thanks to three IRL friends for their input, vast amounts of knowledge, and most importantly patience! As well as Tapped Out users "Laurentian" & "EasyPeezy" and their Marwyn decks.

I hope you all enjoy it! Thanks for coming by to check it out!

If I ever come by a Gaea's Cradle it will be an auto-include, but for now Growing Rites of Itlimoc   will have to suffice. Sylvan Scrying & Crop Rotation will be added to the deck when that day comes to tutor for Gaea's Cradle.


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