Might of Old Krosa


Format Legality
Noble Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Modern Masters 2017 Edition (MM3) Uncommon
Time Spiral (TSP) Uncommon

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Might of Old Krosa


Target creature gets +2/+2 until end of turn. If you cast this spell during your main phase, that creature gets +4/+4 until end of turn instead.

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Might of Old Krosa Discussion

Agent_Fire on Only a 1/1 and 6 energy for a win with a spell

4 days ago

Ninjatiger1219, Might of Old Krosa is not standard legal, but if it was I would probably run it.

Pieguy396 on The Plague

1 week ago

I would strongly recommend some dual lands in your deck. Anything ranging from Jungle Hollows to Llanowar Wastes to Woodland Cemeterys to Overgrown Tombs to Verdant Catacombs can drastically increase the consistency of your deck. Also, a few effective pump spells that are generally run in Infect decks are Might of Old Krosa and Giant Growth, both of which are probably better than Forced Adaptation, Revenge of the Hunted, etc. Some effective removal spells also include Fatal Push and Go for the Throat, both of which I think are better than Doom Blade. In any case, good luck!

StoryArcher on Dueling Infect Strategies (Mono-Green)

2 weeks ago

Good morning all.

I enjoy making mono-green versions of lots of different kinds of decks and lately Infect has caught my attention. The core of the deck is pretty standard, but I'm torn regarding the inclusion of a handful of cards and the necessary changes to synergize well with them. Since I've played very little infect - with or against - I'm hoping that some on here can offer a better perspective.

Core of the Deck:

There are other key buffs, obviously, but which ones and how many are dictated by the cards I'm trying decide on. The first of these is Infiltration Lens. Its incredibly cheap and offers tremendous card-drawn, especially considering that the draws happen when a creature is blocked but before damage is assigned - considering how many instants this deck runs that's a real boon. It also has nice synergy with Ichorclaw Myr .

The way I'm planning on filling out the rest of the deck if I decide to include Infiltration Lens is below:

I'm also sorely tempted to include one or two Wild Defiance in this version of the deck, which can be seen here: The Green Sting.

On the other hand, there are two cards which seem potentially devastating with an Infect strategy, but don't interact so well with some of the usual deck staples. The first is Canopy Cover, which offers hexproof AND evasion for a fairly inexpensive price. The other is Livewire Lash, a fantastic piece of equipment that gives you an additional way to get your poison counters through, effectively turning all of your buffs into 'Poison Shocks' as well. The only drawback it has is that its just a tad slow for speed one normally expects out of an Infect deck, but these two cards definitely make the deck more powerful and more sustainable should you get into the mid-game. In this case I would add something like this:

This version of the deck can be seen here: The Green Sting II

I'm really torn between these approaches, between the outright speed of the first option and the inevitability of the second or some hybrid version where I ditch the equipment completely and tweaks the buffs around Canopy Cover. Whichever way I go, the card balance will be key. Any thoughts would be most appreciated.

majin_shinsa on D's - Pauper Infect

2 weeks ago

Isn't Blossoming Defense and Might of Old Krosa not pauper legal? But I like the idea and have a modern pauper version myself. Half the life means faster games!

sashaquatch on Heroic Rush

2 weeks ago

I really like the concept of this deck and think that it's got some Big legs. Because of cheap removal that's going around (Path to Exile, Fatal Push, and Lightning Bolt, I think that a 4-8 of Blossoming Defense and Vines of Vastwood belong in this deck somewhere. I might also try to play 4 of Temur Battle Rage as it seems like your main win con. Also now that I think of it Might of Old Krosa might be better than giant growth. Not sure, but maybe? Good luck have fun and may your top decks always be the card you need!

-Gabriel- on Disrupting Sultai Infect

1 month ago

Thanks for your comment BodhiQL!

I use to run the normal Infect shell before Fatal Push was printed and the ban hammer came smacking down.

So this deck above is just me trying something different op paper (untested) and seeing where it goes.

All I knew was I wanted to try and make Postmortem Lunge work and try out Disrupting Shoal.

I want more pump spells, but seeing I'm running Disrupting Shoal I cant play to many non blue cards. So had to cut down on cards like Blossoming Defense.

Reason why I chose Opt and Thought Scour over Sleight of Hand and Serum Visions was because it was instant speed. Gives you more options and lines of play. And Thought Scour is also synergistic with Postmortem Lunge and Become Immense.

I think I'll cut one land for now to 20 and put in another Might of Old Krosa

BodhiQL on Disrupting Sultai Infect

1 month ago

Postmortem Lunge is interesting, I've never seen it in Infect before. You may want to consider Blossoming Defense and Might of Old Krosa is too good to not play 4. I also don't think you need 21 lands, I play 20 currently but used to actually play 19. Also, I personally think Sleight of Hand or Serum Visions is better than Thought Scour in here.

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