Trying hard to combat all these fast Combo decks. WIP




  • Trinisphere


  • Flusterstorm

Not necessarily the final/proper cut for Trinisphere, but this deck really needed a Trinisphere.


buildingadeck says... #1

I have been testing a budget version of this deck (this is not new for me, lol) to some degree of success, but I'm nearly always the primary target. Is this just because people on Trice don't know how to combat stax, or is that typical of this deck? I'm fine with it, but ya know.

Have you considered Ral Zarek at all? His first two abilities fit the strategy well and help deal with creatures (I find the biggest weakness in the deck is getting beaten to death by the one threat that sticks), and his ultimate would practically win the game for us at an average of 2-3 extra turns for it. I don't know what the cut would be for it, though.

I've also considered Gilded Lotus for colored mana, but I'm not sure how important that is.

March 17, 2017 1:42 a.m.

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