Before we begin, let's take a moment for introspection to ask ourselves the first thoughts of this commander, as it is pivotal to understanding my mindset behind my deck: "What am I looking at here? Is this really the commander of this deck? What sort of beast is this? Is this some manner of a mantoid-seahorse creature of leporidae descent hovering in the sky with large silvery talismans orbiting its cranium next to a floating oriental Japaense architecture?" Or perhaps maybe a simple "wot" would suffice for you, my fellow browser of this grand deck building website. Allow me to put your mind at peace. This is the Patron of the Moon, and while it is certainly not the most elegant looking creature, it is a beast that few have underestimated once they've seen it on the move. And that would be because few have seen it... Ever. This list is meant to embody many different feelings and functions, but mostly to make people scratch their heads and wonder what is going on. In a more eloquently lucid manner, this "be for the dankest of memes."

In a world of Atraxa, Praetors' Voice, Meren of Clan Nel Toth, and Oloro, Ageless Ascetic, I grew dejected by the monotony of my playgroups and their selections. Sure, porcelain angels forged with a confused myriad of religious zealotry complete with a hyper realistic case of bunions are interesting and the rarely-cast scantly-clad gargantuan sporting the world's most vintage statuary La-Z-Boy is a sight to see, but I craved more. I desired the undesirable, I sought the unseekable... And then I decided it was best to settle with this levitating guardian amalgamate of the moonfolk. It was not love at first sight, as I first believed the ability to be useless. I researched my subject, looking into what cards could possibly make this seven mana resource generator at all worth it. As I labored before my laptop, grazing through the dimly lit and dorito-encrusted screen, pleading with whatever deity would bear me and my words between heaving sobs, I was at last granted an answer. The clouds parted in the tranquil midnight sky, revealing a beautifully glowing alabaster luminescence in the darkness. A moment of silence passed, and my EDH-REC paged loaded. And then, behold! Flooded Shoreline, Floodbringer, Storm Cauldron and other such cards, cursed with mediocrity and disdain, shinning with what I could describe as either radiance or like an zit borne of some questionable radioactive origin. Perhaps, I thought to myself, feeling a sudden desire to be strange... Perhaps this strange rabbit-god-thing could do the unthinkable.



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As doors open, others close. Alas, dear friends, for we must depart with our dear sticky-fingered, web-handed aquatically adept bandit. While expunging our opponent's libraries of their prized and overplayed bands of sunlight is certainly advantageous and helpful, it does not make negotiations well when I have four Sol Rings in play. Due to her limited application and the unfriendly fallout she leaves in her wake, Thada Adel, Acquisitor will be retired from this assimilation of cards.

Regardless, we had good times we did. And as earlier stated, there's the matter of the jar. I mean, the door that's now a jar. No wait, ajar. Yes that's the word. Now, we shall instantaneously greet our new face... er... spell to the collection. Whir of Invention is a card that I've been eager to caress quietly with contemplation as I wait for my turn. Due to the success I've had with it in test games, this blue Mycosynth Lattice-esque Chord of Calling has been added to the deck.


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