Now if only there were good green curses... Unless WotC is willing to print me some good ones, that is.

My former Tuvasa the Sunlit deck re-purposed for the glory of the coven. The theme is witches, the path is enchantress, and the win is combo. Also curses, did I mention curses? We use the curse package to slow down one or two opponents, or try to swing the table politically in our favor. Once we're at a good point in the game, we can go shields up and/or Humility out. We slow people down until we can Opalescence and Parallax Wave , then beat them all down. Or we can slowly drain them out one at a time with our curses...

This concept was born from the time I was talking to my friend about how my Tuvasa Enchantress felt a bit too uninteractive and unfun. A few days later the topic of curses and how they felt underutilized in our playgroup came up. I believed enchantresses, ramp, and green recursion could complement a W/B curse strategy very well. Two and two connected and a few changes later, we had a new deck!

Still in its early stages. Looking for general improvements. Let me know what you think!


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