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All Go Running When the Tresserhorn Blows

Commander / EDH* Aggro UBR (Grixis) Voltron


Here it is. Finally. My first EDH deck.

Additionally, this is one that I can get excited about. It's an all out voltron list using Lord of Tresserhorn as a commander. In case you didn't know, this guy is a 10/4 for four. 10. 4. Did I mention he regenerates for 1 black mana? Although he has a drawback, he is one of my favorite cards ever. Using a couple of spells to counter his ETB trigger (Stifle, Trickbind, Torpor orb]]), but mostly tokens and small early drops that chump well and want to die, His drawback is nothing. The roughest part is them getting the card advantage, but with them dying in the next turn or two, it's not that big of a problem.

Card Choices:

LoT's Fodder:

Black Cat

Nether Traitor

Sengir Autocrat

Dragon Fodder


Reassembling Skeleton

Krenko's Command

Mudbutton Torchrunner

Murderous Redcap

Noxious Toad


Perilous Myr

Sadistic Augermage

I'm not going to explain each of these individually, because they all have the same purpose: Dying. They chump early and get sac'd to LoT. Some deal damage, some disrupt, but they're all structurally the same thing (Except Krenko's Command and Dragon Fodder , same idea but no death trigger).

LoT's Armory:

Basilisk Collar- Deathtouch and lifelink. 'Nuff said.

Champion's Helm- Hexproof, evasion, and P/T boosts are what we're looking for. Hexproof and +2/+2 fills two of those requirements.

Fireshrieker- When I said what I was looking for in equipment, I left out doublestrike. Well, doublestrike.

Grafted Exoskeleton- Infect on a guy with ten power... Yeah.

Inquisitor's Flail- More doublestrike. The second ability means nothing because of LoT's regeneration.

Mask of Riddles - Evasion is great, with the addition of card advantage every time LoT hits.

Swiftfoot Boots- Almost the perfect equipment. Haste AND hexproof.

Tenza, Godo's Maul- I can live with +3/+3 and trample for 1 eqiuip cost.

Trailblazer's Boots- Evasion is key, and in EDH nonbasic landwalk is pretty much unblockable.

Unscythe, Killer of Kings]]- Great card right in my colors. A P/T boost, first strike, and blocking discouragement.

LoT's Tricks:

Artful Dodge- Making LoT unblockable twice for one mana each time pretty much seals the deal.

Assault Strobe- One of three double strike granting spells, some of the best ones in the deck.

Trickbind- A way to stop LoT's ETB trigger.

Cyclonic Rift- Clearing out dudes is always great for this deck. You win if you overload it.

Distortion Strike- This makes LoT's attacking an instakill if you cast it the first time he attacks or the second.

Essence Scatter- Creature counters are important so the board doesn't get clogged, or just so they fail to cast their huge game winning bomb.

False Summoning - See above.

Invisibility - A way to get in with LoT as much as you want.


Psychotic Fury- Another double strike enabler, with the added bonus of drawing a card.


Shadow Rift - Yet another way to get LoT in. See any patterns?

Sleep - Pretty much says: "You win unless the opponent has removal for LoT." They can't block him twice in a row.

Stifle- Another way to stop LoT's trigger.

Tainted Strike- Must I repeat myself? See Grafted Exoskeleton.

Torpor Orb- See Stifle!

Slave of Bolas - They have a pesky blocker or a splashy bomb? Take it, hit 'em with it, kill it.


Grave Pact- You get a 10/4 and sac two tokens, forcing them to sac whatever they have on board that you haven't killed by turn 3 or 4. Hows that for a trade?

Bitterblossom- Drop it on turn two, LoT on turn 4, there're your two sacrifices! Then for the rest of the game, every turn you get a flying blocker (or attacker).

Counterspell- Hard counter for two. That's it.

Reforge the Soul- Fuel for after dropping LoT is always important.

Wheel of Fortune- Same... Thing...

Faithless Looting- Same...

Demonic Tutor- Tutor for anything. EVER.

Mystical Tutor- Tutor for one of many things that win me the game. Frequently Distortion Strike.

LoT's Wrath:

LoT's Wrath:

Ashes to Ashes

Chainer's Edict

Cruel Edict

Diabolic Edict


Far / Away

Lightning Bolt


All removal essential to clearing out the board and killing opponents' win cons.

LoT's... Mana Acceleration?

Sol Ring- Arguably the best artifact mana accel out there.

Dimir Signet- Fixin'

Rakdos Signet- Fixin'

Izzet Signet- Fixin'

LoT's Terrain: (only utility lands).

Academy Ruins- Getting back lost equipment.

Buried Ruins- Move your eyes one inch up and read left.

Halimar Depths- Setting up for future turns is never bad.

Shizo, Death's Storehouse- Evasion for LoT!

Tolaria West- Tutor

Rogue's Passage- Evasion for LoT!

That's it! Thanks for reading. I hope you like the deck! Comments and suggestions are appreciated.


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