Welcome and thank you for looking at my deck!

The purpose of this deck was to have an unusual tempo/control deck that wins through infinite combat phases. Ruhan helps this game plan by being an on "theme" commander that is relatively cheap (4 CMC) commander that can pack a punch!

There is a small theme in the "Hate Bear" category of using "burn" effects, such as AEther Flash and Lightmine Field , to prevent token strategies and disincentivise my opponents from attacking instead of the typical pillow fort cards, such Ghostly Prison and Propaganda . Although these "burn" cards interfere my with combos and token strategy, I have Mark of Asylum / Light of Sanction / Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite to prevent the interference and benefit myself over my opponents.

I am currently looking for more aikido cards that take my opponents cards and use them against themselves in some manner. This deck originally was supposed to have more, but a lot of the cards were cut and I did not realize that I only have two aikido cards until recently.

More description coming soon!


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